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  • Returning from local life in Bali

    Alyssa, how can I say thank you enough. You read the situation brilliantly and this is testimony to your experience and professionalism. Thank you for contacting Jenny. Between the two of you and our Balinese daughter, I had a flawless return irrespective of the levels of stress one encounters at different points of a journey. At Denpasar Airport there were cancellations galore. I’m now reading where people in Bali can’t get out.

    Our place in Bali is with the local people. I seldom see tourists so it’s a little piece of Balinese life without all the Western influences. This means its very much day to day living with little concern for what’s going on in the wider world. I was aware of the virus but it was a bit surreal and I felt somewhat detached from it. Thankfully you were the reality check and as each day passes I’m more grateful for that.

    I know your business will be suffering but be sure if I can recommend your service to anyone I most certainly will.

    Once again a great big THANK YOU!!!


    Alyssa Pretorius is a personal travel manager based in Warrandyte, VIC