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  • How one personal travel manager helped fulfil the medal dreams of a Nations

    When Cyclone Mal brushed along the western edge of Fiji in mid-November, it flooded roads and felled trees, took out power lines and prompted precautionary evacuations. It also disrupted the journey of 28 rugby nines players and supporters who were on their way from the Cook Islands to Honiara, Solomon Islands to compete at the 2023 Pacific Games.

    Mo Hosea had coordinated the travel arrangements for a total of Cook Islands 150 athletes, attendees and officials heading to the Games. As a highly experienced personal travel manager, he has pulled off more than one miracle during his career. However, when he received a phone call at 2 am (his local time) to advise of the group’s predicament, he knew he faced a huge challenge in delivering them to their destination in time for the Games’ opening ceremony.

    Although he is now based in Banksia, WA, Mo’s Cook Islands heritage (he is Aitutakian/Manihikian/Maukean/Rarotongan) meant he was even more motivated to find a solution that would deliver the group to their destination on time, in the least stressful way, and with minimal additional cost – and ideally keeping them all together.

    The cyclone had already ensured that the most direct route was no longer an option. As well as coordinating new flights, Mo needed to ensure that new transfers and accommodation enroute to Honiara were in place. TravelManagers’ National Partnership Office (NPO), and especially its Fares and Ticketing Manager, José Cañas, provided Mo with invaluable support throughout the process.

    Working virtually around the clock for the next 72 hours, Mo sifted through possible scenarios and liaised with airlines and team management to come up with a new itinerary. As the travellers ticked off each leg of their journey, they placed their faith in Mo that he would have sorted the next stage before they landed.

    Their faith was rewarded, and they arrived in Honiara two days before their first match – just in time for the Games’ opening ceremony. Along with the support he received from the NPO team, Mo says Cook Islanders from around the globe rallied to provide support – hosting them in Canberra and Brisbane, providing accommodation and even carrying out fundraising activities to help cover the additional costs involved.

    The reward for Mo’s efforts came from watching his home teams excel in Honiara, departing with a haul of bronze and gold medals that made his sleepless nights utterly worthwhile. He says was a proud Kuki moment to see his people in the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia coming together to provide support.


    Players and supporters have been less modest in their praise of Mo, taking to social media to express their gratitude and lauding his efforts as “heroic”. But for Mo, it was all in a day’s work.

    Mo Hosea is our personal travel manager based in Banksia Grove, WA.

    Mo Hosea's clients

    Mo Hosea’s clients