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  • Thank you for getting us and our orphaned luggage home to Nova Scotia!

    “We just wanted to send our heartfelt gratitude for all your help during our vacation. We honestly can’t thank you enough for getting us home to Nova Scotia. We were caught off guard when the WHO declared a global pandemic three weeks into our month-long visit to Australia and New Zealand.

    When our return transit flight to Australia was cancelled we were in a panic and we could not seem to get any answers or help from either the airline or our consulate. Karen to the rescue!

    You truly were a life saver and when you got us on that flight on March 25 – little did we know that was the last flight out of New Zealand for Canada. We just thought you would like to know that we made it home with an hour and 20 minutes to spare on the travel restrictions coming into force in Canada which would have required us to quarantine in Vancouver on the other side of our country; this would have been an extra expense and delay that we could ill-afford after five weeks away.

    Although we loved our trip, we were never so happy to pull into our own driveway in the midst of all the pandemonium and we owe that to you. Thank you also for arranging to send our orphaned luggage from Australia that we were never able to return to collect!”

    Tony, Heidi, Isabelle and Helen

    Karen Christie is a personal travel manager based in Woody Point, QLD