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    Erin Oliver – TravelManagers Service Fees

    Think of a personal travel manager the way you’d think of a personal trainer or financial planner.   I’m here to help you achieve a specific goal in my field of expertise.  In this case, Travel!

    As with many professions, the travel industry has moved to a service fee environment. These cover the time dedicated to the special care of your booking, the detailed research, knowledge and expert advice shared together with professional travel arranging services.  The smile is always included!

    Your TravelManagers Booking Care Fee is a one-off payment per holiday and is payable together with your initial deposit.

    Booking Care Fee $75 +GST per booking file

    Other administration booking fees noted below may apply depending upon the elements of your holiday arrangements and are payable as we proceed with each.

    International airfares $50 +GST per person
    Trans-Tasman airfares $40 +GST per person
    Domestic airfares $30 +GST per person
    Internal airfares worldwide $30 +GST per person per sector
    Airline ticket date change (after issuing) $30 +GST per person plus airline levied change fee & fare/tax difference payable
    Entry visa processing fee $30 +GST per person per visa
    Frequent Flyer Redemptions $75 +GST per person
    Cancellation processing fee $25 +GST per person

    In the unfortunate event of cancellation either of your choice or by a supplier, credit card merchant fees and TravelManagers service fees charged for the care and travel arranging services already provided are non refundable.    Please refer to your invoice/itinerary where the booking terms and conditions will detail any other Supplier or TravelManagers cancellation fees/commission retention or penalties specific to that itinerary  

    Please note the following credit card merchant fees apply :

    • Mastercard Credit Card                      1.27% Inclusive of GST
    • Mastercard Debit Card                       0.60% Inclusive of GST
    • Visa Credit Card                                  1.26% Inclusive of GST
    • Visa Debit Card                                    0.79% Inclusive of GST
    • AMEX Credit Card                               2.22% Inclusive of GST
    • Diners Club Credit Card                     3.00% Inclusive of GST

    With 26 years travel industry experience, I am here to assist to the full extent of my abilities during the booking process, during your travels and throughout the cancellation process should this arise.

    You are dealing with a real person (me!) who is contactable within and outside of standard business hours and I provide the invaluable individualised service which you simply cannot get online.

    You deserve great service and a fabulous travel experience.

    You deserve a personal travel manager.

    Your personal travel manager