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    Covid has taken its toll on the entire travel industry. Not only did it allow those long term agents to find other jobs and careers it also allowed them to retire and to change the working options to become more flexible.

    In a world where travel agents were already been branded as a luxury add-on and independent travel burned bright in its own path, People often ask why should people even consider a travel agent? Turns out, we should.

    With the world opening up to its current full capacity, it looks like the normal we left behind in 2019 is finally coming back. And no industry is happier than travel and tourism. And why should it not, the largest employer by industry took the hardest sock to the jaw.

    Travel agents, especially.But is opening enough? In a time where the beleaguered industry is trying its best to claw back to normalcy, what will return and what has changed permanently? Let’s dive into what roles can travel agents perform in this uncertain time, and are they even needed?

    What travel agents can do is what they have been specialising in all this while! Be in touch with government advisories, airlines, hotels and resorts, tour operators, and be familiar with the destination in question. And now, that’s going to be huge point.

    Would you, as a traveller, be able to handle any and all problems that might crop up in a world learning to live with COVID? Or is taking paid help of an expert a smart choice?

    So why should you consider booking with Nicole Sadat & Sarah Nunn!!!

    Firstly we are independent agents working in partnership with Travelmanagers Australia. We combined have 20 years worth of Travel Experience. We are passionate, customer focused, flexible, knowledgeable about all things travel. They used to be in a management team of a Red and White bricks and mortar store in Shepparton and then the Shepparton Marketplace before life sent them on their forward journey. So if our names sound familiar thats where you may know us from.

    So a little about us…

    Most of you would recognise Nicole as Nicole Adem before she was whisked off to be married and now goes my Nicole Sadat. Even though her last name has changed her genuine customer focus, time management and flare for travel hasn’t! Nicole love to talk travel and share your experience with her  broader community. She can book you all around the world but has a love of booking her clients to South East Asia & all destinations in Europe. You can make an appointment to speak with Nicole by emailing her [email protected] or calling her on 0422 297 896

    Sarah has a passion for all things travel. She loves an excel spreadsheet for those with bigger itineraries. She loves to chat about destinations and is a stigler for not back tracking to make the most of your time away. She is passionate about the Middle East, Canada & the USA however it doesn’t matter where you are travelling she will love working with you. Sarah works Tuesday-Thursday 930am to 4pm and outside of these hours by appointment. She can be contacted at [email protected] or 0434 579 931

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