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    Australia’s Best Beaches

    Australia’s Best Beaches

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    The best beach in Australia is a tricky one to choose; after all one person’s idea of the perfect beach can be another’s hell. Do you want it crowded, with ample opportunity for people spotting (and a bit of posing perhaps) or deserted?

    To a surfer, waves are essential but can be plain frightening to some. For divers, a reef buzzing with sea-life is vital, but not everyone likes the idea of unseen aquatic creatures swimming between your legs when you’re having a leisurely swim.

    And then there are the nudists. So here’s our effort at finding a beach to suit everyone’s tastes. Contact your personal travel manager and start planning your next beach trip!


    The best beach for interacting with nature

    Perhaps one of the most unique experiences in the world, is the chance to handfeed bottlenose dolphins at Western Australia’s Monkey Mia. The curious locals have made a habit of swimming in close to shore for at least the last 40 years.

    While, in recent years, the interactions have become more regulated with rangers ensuring that neither human or dolphin come away from their interaction injured or distressed, this is about as close as you’ll ever get to wild dolphins.

    The best secluded beach

    While there are literally thousands of beaches right now on Australia’s vast coastline that are as empty as they were 200 years ago, we will select one which offers camping facilities, offering a chance for everyone to stay in the area.

    Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays is one that features on nearly all the “best beach in the world” lists.  A magnet for day-trippers, it also has a camping ground, accessible by boat only, that will immerse you in natural beauty.

    The camping area is big enough (and difficult enough to access) to ensure that you can claim a quiet corner all to yourself, only minutes’ stroll to one of the world’s best beaches.

    The best party beach

    Bondi can be best described as Australia’s Venice Beach equivalent, a place for people to pose and be seen. Celebrities (from A to Z-list) can be seen, as well as a throng of wannabes and people for whom appearance means everything.

    Bondi is a beach that accommodates all –  whether you’re a family of four or mates coming down for some sun and surf.

    Surrounding the beach are a range of bars and pubs, housing the impossibly beautiful people, backpackers and individuals ready for a night out.

    Bondi is a must see for those wanting to dip their toe in the shallow (but oh so fun!) end of Sydney.

    The best surfing beach

    Perhaps not the best surfing beach in terms of waves on offer (it can be very inconsistent), Bells beach in Victoria is the ‘spiritual home’ of surfing in this country.

    It is home to countless surf brands that, from humble beginnings, have now developed into multinational retail powerhouses.

    It is also home to Australia’s longest and most prestigious surfing competition, and it also offers some great waves provided you can deal with the teeth shatteringly cold water.


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