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    Bali 30 years ago

    Bali 30 years ago

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    While most of Bali has been transformed into a busy and bustling tourist destination, Lombok has remained relatively untouched. Even in the areas that have adapted to cater to tourists, a quick scooter drive in any direction will take you back to the part of Indonesia where the only traffic snarls come from buffalos wandering across the road. For an unforgettable getaway to Lombok, contact your personal travel manager. It may be a cliché, but this tiny island really does have something for everybody, ranging from luxurious options right down to $3AUD a night accommodation alternatives.

    For the dedicated surfers, the south coast of Lombok is dotted with countless spots perfect to catch a wave. Many are undiscovered with Kuta Lombok being the hub for all activity. Although lacking the world-class status of the waves of Bali, it is relatively uncrowded and perfect for surfers whose idea of fun doesn’t include hassling with hundreds of others. When the swell is big, both the east and west coasts light up with rarely surfed spots reaching all the way from the Gili islands to the north.

    The Gili islands are probably Lombok’s most notable tourist destinations, within easy reach of Bali by boat. Gili Trawangan is the largest island and is the designated “party” island. Every night, parties stretch well into the early hours, as young tourists are encouraged to enjoy their time with friendly locals.

    Gili Air is the middle child. It has a little nightlife, but nothing on the scale of Gili Trawangan, while Gili Meno is a virtual ghost town in comparison to the other two, perfect for people who want seclusion, serenity and privacy. Interestingly there are no motorbikes on the islands. Pushbikes are the main form of transport, enhancing the laid back, step-back-in-time feel of the destination.

    Currently the active Volcano Mt. Rinjani dominates Lombok itself and is 3700 metres high. Trekking up the mountain is recommended in the dry season (May/June – September/October) although wet season treks are still possible.

    Although it’s not an easy trek by any means, the views on offer once you reach the famous volcanic lake on Rinjani, approximately 2 km above sea level more than make up for the effort. Ensure to pack warm clothes and good walking/hiking shoes.

    Rumours are circulating that a Club Med is in the works for one of the beautiful, undeveloped beaches near Kuta Lombok and that flights direct from Sydney to Lombok will occur from early 2014. So get there now. It’s cheap, it’s close to Australia and it is a trip that you won’t forget. And it sounds much more exotic than saying you went to Bali!


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