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    Bending it around England’s football stadiums

    Bending it around England’s football stadiums

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    England has long been the spiritual homeland of football. The stories, images and legends of English football players are forever etched into the memories of fans around the globe. The pilgrimage to the home of football is one that many fans make. With so many stadiums, teams and legends it can be overwhelming to pick out the top football stadiums to experience. Speaking to a personal travel manager is the best way to score a winning holiday to football’s sacred land – England.

    Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)
    Constructed in 2006 with over 60,000 cubic meters of concrete, 10,000 tons of steel and 3,000 tons of tubular steel, Emirates Stadium is the third largest football stadium in England.

    While it may lack on the history front, Emirates Stadium is an experience in itself. The state of the art facilities are world leading and helped the stadium get to its massive £390 million construction figure.

    Home to Arsenal Football Club, the stadium hosts Legends Tours with ex Arsenal players. Fans will be guided through the stadium and gain some football facts and trivia while experiencing the stadium firsthand.

    Wembley Stadium (National Football Field)
    Home to the English National Football team, Wembley Stadium is the second largest football stadium in Europe – hosting over 90,000 spectators at any one time. It also has the world’s largest capacity for undercover seating, which is a lifesaver on those raining English days.

    Built on top of the former Wembley Stadium in 2007, the new Wembley stadium hosts all major football matches and home matches for the English football team. Aside from being a football hub, Wembley Stadium also hosts live music concerts and other sporting events (rugby league, rugby union and tennis).

    Fans who want to experience more during their visit are encouraged to book a tour to learn about the history of the English National football team and the rise of its legendary players.

    Old Trafford (Manchester United)
    Established at the beginning of the 20th century, Old Trafford Stadium has been home to Manchester United since its construction. Throughout its history, Old Trafford has undergone countless renovations to modernise. One of the largest reconstructions occurred post World War Two when the stadium was damaged as a result of German air raids. It took 8 years for the stadium to be reconstructed and during this period Manchester United called Maine Road home.

    Nicknamed “Theatre of Dreams” by former Manchester United football legend Sir Bobby Charlton, Old Trafford is drenched in Manchester history. Fans can take part in a guided tour of the stadium where they will have an all access pass to the stadium. Fans can top off their experience by visiting the stadiums Megastore to stock up on Manchester United merchandise.

    Anfield Football Stadium
    Built in 1884, Anfield Football Stadium is home to the Liverpool Football Club who has resided at the stadium since the clubs inception into the English Premier League in 1892. The stadium is likely to undergo further developments in the near future in the hope of increasing seating capacity.

    Fans who want to have the full football experience should attend a Liverpool football match. Liverpool fans are arguably the loudest and most passionate fans in English football and there is no other experience like hearing the loyal Liverpool fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.


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