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    Beyond the foreground in Europe’s art scene

    Beyond the foreground in Europe’s art scene

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    Europe is renowned for it’s exquisite and diverse selection of food, culture, architecture, and let’s not forget, art. All over Europe there are thousands of art galleries, exhibitions and historical art sites to be discovered. There is a long list of internationally famous galleries such as The Louvre in Paris and the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam, however there are many that aren’t as widely advertised or known about. A personal travel manager is the best contact to guide any traveller’s artistic palate.

    Liebermann Villa, Berlin
    This villa was once home to Germany’s most celebrated impressionist painter, Max Liebermann. During World War Two the Nazi forces ransacked his home and took all of his prized art works as part of the oppression of the Jewish community and artistic expression during the Third Reich. The villa was used as a hospital when the war came to an end, however, in 2006 various members of the community re-opened the residence and restored it to its former glory. Today the villa displays a permanent showcase of Liebermann’s work as well as manicured gardens which provide a fantastic inspiration for budding artists and travellers.

    La Maison Rouge, Paris
    This spectacular gallery was founded in 2003 and is renowned for its challenging and controversial exhibitions. The gallery has hosted previous exhibitions such as the acclaimed ‘Under Influences’ exhibit. This exhibit included a body of works which explored the connection between visual arts and the psychotropic. La Maison Rouge has developed a reputation for breaking artistic barriers and providing a breeding ground for contemporary French artists to display their works. 

    Carlo Moretti Glass Factory, Venice
    This renowned glass factory has established itself as a premiere player in the artisan glassware field. Established in Venice in 1958 by Carlo Moretti the glass factory has developed international recognition for its commitment to traditional practices and innovative designs. The factory is open for tourists to explore and see the process of artisan glass manufacture. There is also a gift shop – a perfect present for the friends and family back home!

    Cycladic Art Museum, Athens
    The extraordinary exhibition Cyprus: Aspects of Ancient Art and Culture showcases 550 artifacts that trace human artistic and cultural evolution from the prehistoric era right through to medieval and modern historical periods. Located at the Aethrion Museum in Athens the exhibit provides a comprehensive snapshot of the artistic evolution in Europe. The collection includes richly styled and decoration Cypriot pottery, sculptures illustrating the human form and ancient objects used in everyday life such as glass vases, coins, jewelry, maps, texts and chronological charts.


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