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    Cruising French Polynesia

    Cruising French Polynesia

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    French Polynesia has long been a destination of relaxation and inspiration for travellers and artists alike – Paul Gauguin’s artwork alludes to lush and exotic landscapes utilizing vivid and bold colors. If you’ve seen or had the pleasure of travelling to French Polynesia you’ll know that Gauguin wasn’t far off the mark – so whether you’re pondering a cruise to sunny Tahiti or the majestic Bora Bora, get in contact with your personal travel manager.

    Tranquil waters beyond the reef, short distances between islands, fantastic hospitality and great package deals have increased the popularity of cruising the South Pacific. Expect unspoiled terrain, crystal clear waters and a quaint French cultural influence thanks to a colonial heritage.

    The epitome of the Pacific dream, Tahiti is the main island in French Polynesia, renowned for a mesmerising wonderland of reef-fringed islands and translucent aqua lagoons. A cruise has the added benefit of offering an economical means of travelling the islands as it avoids inflated hotel, dining and transportation costs. A visit to Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, is standard with the majority of French Polynesian cruises, where the cosmopolitan vibe of the city is complimented by a surrounding paradise. If you’re after more than water activities, Tahiti offers fern lined valleys streaked with sky-high waterfalls where safaris, kayaking and hikes take place, allowing you to fully acknowledge the Island’s stunning natural beauty.

    Bora Bora is a must visit destination for those chasing an idyllic, majestic tropical getaway. Mountains sculpted by ancient volcanoes and surrounded by a reef dotted with tiny islets, Bora Bora is perhaps one of the most stunning of the islands in the South Pacific.

    Raiatea is the second largest Tahitian Island and central to Polynesian culture, interestingly the gentle scent of vanilla permeates Tahaa, giving rise to the nickname ‘Vanilla Island’.

    The South Pacific is blessed with a year round tropical climate, with the dry season running from May to October. From November to April, the region experiences the wet season, with regular rainfall and rising humidity.

    Whether you decide to visit French Polynesia for the first time or you’ve been before – opting for a cruise rather than staying at hotels usually works out more affordable and allows for maximum appreciation for the surrounding islands.

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