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    Cruising the Caribbean

    Cruising the Caribbean

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    Imagine cruising the Caribbean. The Caribbean conjures up images of swaying palm trees, sun-kissed beaches, fruity cocktails and happy smiles. The good news is that every cliché is true, and the better news is that a cruise holiday is an ultimate way to enjoy all that this vibrant region has to offer. Every morning you’ll awake to a new but equally enticing view, every day will be filled with adventures ashore, and every evening you’ll compare that day’s sunset with the previous ones over a cocktail or two.

    Western Caribbean

    Tour the ancient Mayan ruins of Chaccoben, which are easily accessible from Mexico’s Porto Maya, look for tapirs, jaguars, pumas and more during your time in Belize and enjoy some of the world’s best waters for snorkelling off the coast of Cozumel. In Grand Cayman, a visit to the renowned Stingray City is a must to interact with these gentle but fascinating creatures, while in Nassau in the Bahamas, you can visit the world’s largest open-air aquarium or one of the world’s largest dolphin habitats. In laid-back Jamaica, you can go horse-riding along a stunning white-sand beach, sample the finest in locally-produced rum at Appleton Estate or learn about Rastafarian culture on a visit to the birth- and resting-place of Bob Marley.

    Southern Caribbean

    Itineraries in this part of the Caribbean offer the opportunity to explore the magic of islands such as Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia, where you can enjoy a whale- and dolphin-watching safari or try your hand at sailing. The former Dutch colony of Curacao offers a rich history and spectacular landscapes including the famed Hato Caves, while the sleepy island of Bonaire is home to thousands of comical flamingos and the Caribbean’s only barefoot casino – and be sure to sample the amazing Creole cuisine.

    Eastern Caribbean

    Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is the second-oldest European settlement in the New World, and its colourful buildings, vibrant nightlife, fascinating architecture and friendly atmosphere make it a favourite stop on any itinerary. Stunning St Kitts boasts a landscape of dormant volcanoes, golden beaches and lush green hills, and be sure to allow time to explore Brimstone Hill Fortress: the largest fortress ever built in the Caribbean.

    Whether you’re looking for a few nights to recharge your batteries in warm Caribbean sunshine or you want to take your time and explore the many islands that are scattered across this lovely body of water, your personal travel manager can help you find your ideal cruise itinerary.


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