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    My journey to Darwin – Silverton, NSW

    My journey to Darwin – Silverton, NSW

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    After a massive 10 hour drive from Melbourne we arrived into Silverton.  A small town about 20 kms. outside of Broken Hill in NSW, Silverton is most famous for Mad Max 2.

    The first place that we visited was Old Daydream Mine. Established in the mid 1880’s, this was the first silver mine in the area, and at it’s peak there was a small community of around 500 people. They offer two tours a day at 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM.  The drive from the main road is around 15 minutes so allow yourself enough time for the drive.

    The main tour takes you around the surface area and then followed by going underground into the old mine.  You can opt for just the surface tour, but I highly recommend going down the mine. The tour guide was very informative and as an ex miner in the Broken Hill area was able to provide comparisons between mining in the 1880’s to more modern day.

    The tour lasts about 90 minutes and was very enjoyable. From here we went to the Mad Max 2 museum.  Opened by Adrian and Linda 7 years ago, this is a must do for anyone who has even a slight interest in the film. Thousands of photos and memorabilia adorn the walls of this small building, as well as actual and replica vehicles from the movie.  Their knowledge about the film is amazing, and make time to hang around for a chat as they have met a number of the cast and crew and have plenty of personal stories. Make time to stop into the Silverton Hotel, more like a museum than the local pub the walls are covered with photos of the films that have been filmed here.

    To end the day in the wonderful little town take the 5 km. drive to the Mindi Mundi Plains lookout.  the view is spectacular, and is a great spot to watch sunset. There are a few places to stay in town.  We opted for Penrose Park, who offer a range of accommodation from cabins, powered and unpowered camping spots.  This is set on 80 acres, and there is plenty of wildlife around. There are also accommodation options at the Silverton Hotel.


    Andrea Friend


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