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    Don’t cry for me Argentina

    Don’t cry for me Argentina

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    Argentina – famous for its people, tango and natural beauty. With so many well known activities and sights to see, it’s easy for travellers to overlook the many other unique experiences that are available.  While it’s definitely worthwhile partaking in traditional tourist activities such as visiting the staggering Iguassu Falls, exploring Patagonia and dabbling in a tango lesson in Buenos Aires – there are many more one of a kind experiences for the adventurous traveller. To plan a personally tailored Argentinian trip, talk to a personal travel manager.

    One of the most satisfying and interesting things to do in Argentina is to walk the streets of Buenos Aries and explore what the city has to offer on foot. Buenos Aires is the heart and soul of Argentina, and roaming throughout the barrios (neighborhoods) gives travellers the ability to witness how the locals, or Porteños, really live. For the more blokey traveller, The Man Tour offers a different insight into Buenos Aries history and its traditions. The tour includes a straight razor shave, a stop at a 5-generations-old hat shop, and a pit stop at one of the city’s premium cigar bars. Lovers of The Beatles should make a side trip to The Los Beatles Museum, which currently holds the record for the most Beatles memorabilia in the world.

    If you enjoy a tipple of the red and white varieties, then a trip to the Mendoza Wine Region should definitely be on your itinerary. The fifth largest wine region in the world and the first in Latin American is a palate pleasing experience. The Mendoza Region is based at the foot of the Andes Mountains and offers a huge amount of activities outside of the vineyards. White water rafting, mountain climbing, horseback riding and four wheel driving are all available for the more adventurous traveller. If working up a sweat in the Argentinian sunshine isn’t appealing, then a tour of the regions wineries will be more a far more sedate way to get a grasp on the grapes of Argentina.

    After experiencing the rich culture of Buenos Aires and the relaxed environment of the Mendoza region, a trip to the wild side can help travellers gain an understanding of the real Argentina. Lovers of wilderness and wide open spaces can seek solace in the stunning Argentine Patagonia region. The landscape stretches from the foot of the Andes Mountains to the sea and is bordered by Chilean Patagonia. While travellers can choose to head into the region themselves it’s often best to have a local guide explain the history and natural wonders of a breathtaking landscape. There are tours to appeal to all tastes with horseback riding, walking and four-wheel driving tours all available for tourists. If you can brave the cold, a trip to Ushuaia and beyond is worth the journey south. The southernmost city in the world is a major hub for ships heading further south to Antarctica and has plenty of sailor stories to share. If a journey to Antarctica is on your bucket list then Ushuaia can be a great place to start the journey.

    Argentina is full of unique and fun experiences that will surely entice and excite any traveller, whether it is a family of four or a lone adventure seeker; the nation will surely astonish all. Talk to your local, personal travel manager today.


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