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    Europe cheese trail - where to find the best cheese in Europe

    Europe cheese trail - where to find the best cheese in Europe

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    In many European cities, cheese is more than just a cuisine. If you are a foodie with an appetite for fine food, then perhaps you may enjoy looking for something different when planning your next trip. Europe has a wealth of top cheese destinations, so why not speak with your personal travel manager about planning a different kind of trip – discovering Europe through its cheese making history.

    To give you a flavour of how you can plan a trip based on the different cheeses throughout Europe, here are four destinations to consider:


    If anywhere is the most famous for cheese making, it is France. With over 400 different types of cheese originating from the country, it is the perfect destination for any cheese lover.

    Paris is perfect for tasting different types of Brie, while the Loire Valley holds some of the best makers of Goats cheese in the world. The Midi Pyrenees region is famous for one of the world’s most luxurious blue cheeses, Roquefort and boasts that the cheese is made entirely from milk of ewes that feed only off the Causses, limestone cliffs found in the Aveyron.


    Spanish cheeses are full of intense flavours and a wide variety of textures. A popular variety of cheese and one worth tasting when in Spain is Zamorano, which is a hard sheep’s milk cheese that has a distinct nutty flavour and is served with chestnuts. It can be found among the many cheese making farms across the Castile-Leon region of Zamora.

    Torta del Casal is a soft and creamy farm cheese served with artichokes, and the intense flavour of the traditional Spanish Cabrales blue cheese is matched with simple homemade country bread.


    Most cheese factories and farmhouses in Switzerland are found in small country villages where the freshest milk can be obtained. Gruyere cheese is originally from Fribourg and has a buttery, sweet and nutty taste.

    Switzerland is also famed for Emmental Cheese, which is a hard, holey, pale yellow cheese with a nutty and buttery flavour. Head to the Emmental Valley of Bern to experience this cheese in the making and taste the very best Switzerland has to offer.


    Cheese makers in Italy are seen as some of the best in the world, with strict standards of quality and consistent taste. Some of the best Italian cheeses to keep a look out for include Pecorino, which can be found all over central and southern Tuscany and is a delicious hard cheese, often associated with a sharp parmesan flavour.

    A young, semi-firm cheese called Castelmagno, found in its originated province of Piedmont, starts with a mild blue flavour, and gets more intense and spicy as it ages. Taking a tour of a Castelmagno factory is a great opportunity to taste many different variations of the same cheese, all in one place!


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