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    Experience the Mayan Riviera

    Experience the Mayan Riviera

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    Perfect temperatures, exclusive resorts, tropical rainforests and pristine white sand beaches are just a few ways to describe the Mayan Riviera. However there is far more to this idyllic retreat than just beaches and pampering resorts, with the destination holding a unique cultural history. Speak with your personal travel manager about visiting this beautiful destination that offers so much more than what just meets the eye.

    The Mayan Riviera has a rich historical background dating back to 1000 AD when the ancient Mayans used the pristine region as a hub for trade and spirituality. The Mayan Riviera hasn’t always been tranquil as it was plagued with wars with the invading Spanish explorers – adding even more history to a beautiful region. Since this time, the Mayan Riviera has undergone hefty change to become a tourist hub; flaunting its natural beauty and rich history. Taking a stroll through the eastern Yucatán Peninsula in the city Tulum offers a glimpse into the many archaeological ruins of the Mayans with temples and houses proudly on display.

    There is no shortage of beaches and bays in the Mayan Riviera. The coastline stretches from Cancun to Tulum, with many beaches being named as some of the most beautiful in the world. With a protecting reef skirting the bays the waves in the region are smaller than other regions of the coastline, and visitors can partake in kayaking or paddleboarding. Budding divers should investigate Maroma Beach located on the Yucatán Peninsula for world-class diving experiences.

    Travellers can easily add a bit of adventure to their beach stay by trekking through the Mayan jungle. Home to the world’s longest underground river, Sistema Sac Actun, travellers can walk through caverns and explore the formations from ground level or in the caverns themselves.


    Boundless boutique hotels and luxury resorts are a given on this pristine stretch of coastline, offering travellers a number of options to stay in style at this beautiful destination. Talk to your personal travel manager today to start planning your trip http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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