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    Exploring the Americas by Coach Tour

    Exploring the Americas by Coach Tour

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    The Americas combined represent a vast land area of diverse landscapes, cultures and landscapes – you would be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed at the thought of exploring even a small portion.  That’s why a coach tour is a great way to explore as much or as little as you want.  You can opt for a longer itinerary that covers more ground and represents a more general overview (for example a two-week tour that takes in the most popular cities and sights in Brazil, Argentina and Peru) or a more specialised tour (such as the Great Lakes or the Canyons).  Either way, you’ll have expert guides to ensure that your time is well-spent, travel in comfy coaches so that someone else is in charge of the driving, and you can explore in the company of like-minded travellers who may well become good friends.

    Canada and Alaska

    Whether your travel dream is to see grizzly bears fishing for salmon in wild, isolated rivers, watch pods of orcas in glacier-filled bays, take a sled-ride pulled by a team of huskies or catch a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, western Canada and Alaska can deliver all this and more.  Further east, the cities of Montreal and Quebec bring add European flair to the laid-back Canadian culture, or you can combine the best of both worlds with a spectacular rail journey that links the two together.  Travel even further east and you’ll find the unique architecture, culture and landscape of the Maritime Provinces.

    Eastern USA

    The great cities of New York and Boston provide plenty of excitement, but you can also relive the drama of America’s colourful past in the historic cities of Washington DC and Philadelphia or see the stories brought to life in Colonial Williamsburg: a living history museum.  The East Coast’s fall colours are an attraction, as are the islands and coastlines of New England.

    Southern & Mid-West USA

    The southern cities of Atlanta, Charleston and Savannah are as renowned for their charming inhabitants as their picturesque setting, whilst New Orleans, Nashville and Memphis offer a more rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere with landmarks like Graceland and Sun Studios attracting millions of visitors every year.  You can also delve into the South’s past with a visit to the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum or a cruise on the mighty Mississippi.

    Western USA

    From California’s ancient redwood giants to the scenic lighthouses that stand sentinel along the Oregon coast; from the desert terrain of Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks to the abundant wildlife and dense forests of Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks; from natural grandeur of Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon to the man-made but equally-grand Mt Rushmore and Seattle Space Needle: the western states of the US offer a journey through vast and varied landscapes plus some of the nation’s most vibrant cities.


    The Yucatan Peninsula has the good fortune to separate the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, which means that any visit here is sure to include more than its fair share of spectacular beaches.  But you’ll also find incredible archaeological wonders like Chichen Itza and Uxman, explore charming colonial cities like Campeche and Valladolid and have the chance to learn about the history of that most-beloved of Mayan legacies: chocolate!

    Central America

    Costa Rica is currently rated number 1 on the Happy Planet Index and has the greatest species density of anywhere in the world so a visit to this Central American nation (which has a smaller land area than Tasmania) is almost guaranteed to make you smile.  A photographer’s dream, you can expect to see unique wildlife like jaguars, ocelots and toucans in their natural habitats, explore unspoiled and dramatic landscapes like the very active Arenal volcano and immerse yourself in vibrant Costa Rican culture.

    South America

    A continent of incredible contrasts: from the lush tropical rainforest of the Amazon Basin to the arid expanse of the Atacama Desert and the soaring peaks of the Andes, no two days are ever the same.  Vibrant and beloved cities like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro vie with ancient sites like Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu for your attention, and you can even choose to add a visit to the Galapagos Islands or Easter Island.

    The Americas have something to offer for everyone – ask your personal travel manager for their top recommendations.


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