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    Flowers in your hair

    Flowers in your hair

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    The list of activities to keep you occupied in San Francisco is endless, so we’ve focused on four iconic sights that shouldn’t be missed. To find out which of the countless activities in San Francisco you need to include on your travel itinerary, contact your personal travel manager.

    When picturing San Francisco, most conjure an image of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The suspension bridge stretches 2,737 metres across the opening of San Francisco Bay, linking San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County over the Golden Gate Strait, from which the bridge takes its name.

    Besides the unique architecture of the bridge, the vibrant paintwork captures the attention of thousands of visitors annually.

    Those interested in American or criminal history will be eager to visit the legendary prison of Alcatraz, an abandoned military and federal prison last used in 1963. Alcatraz Island was home to notorious criminals of the time, including Al Capone, Mickey Cohen and Alvin ‘Creepy’ Karpis, mob boss Capone even played Banjo in the prison band. Tour agencies operate ferries to Alcatraz Island and most conduct audio tours so you can enjoy the famous prison at your own pace. Spooky night tours are conducted to try and coax out the legendary ghosts of Alcatraz, but day tours can be just as chilling.

    Lombard Street is the world’s ‘crookedest’ street with a mind boggling 8-hair pin bends. The road had to be designed with several sharp bends due to the steepness of the street, constantly weaving back and forth. This simple street attracts thousands of tourists yearly for its mesmerising design and appearance in Hollywood, most notably as the street upon which John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson lived in Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

    Fisherman’s Wharf is San Francisco’s historic fishing district.  Located in the area is Pier 39, a fully functioning shopping centre with restaurants, arcades, street performers, aquarium and, depending on the season, views of the sea lions basking in the sun. The raft of sea lions has turned Pier 39 into a Californian attraction, with tourists flocking to witness the ritual that has seen as many as 1,701 mammals sun bathing during spring.


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