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    Germany’s must see heritage sights

    Germany’s must see heritage sights

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    With thirty-nine world heritage sights, Germany is a country rich in history and beauty. With so many sights to see it can be difficult to choose where to go and what to see. A personal travel manager can set you on the path to visit the sites that will truly speak to you.

    The Upper Middle Rhine Valley
    Visitors to the region will immediately understand why people describe this place as “straight out of a picture book”. The area is full of beautiful vineyards, which grow along the steep hills on either side of the Rhine River with valleys crisscrossing the area. Complementing the natural beauty of the region are the picturesque castles that line the river and have a breathtaking effect on travellers. A great way to visit the region is by hiring a bike and following one of the trails through the valley. After a day of pedalling, relax at one of the many restaurants in the region’s castles and sample some of the local wine.

    Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel
    A recent addition to the list of German World Heritage Sites, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is a unique example of mans mastery over nature and features some of the largest artificial water displays in the world. Driving from Kassels city centre travellers will spot this hillside park which was build under Landgrave Charles of Hesse-Kassel from 1696 to 1806. The best way to experience the entire site is by parking at the bottom of the hill and travelling by bus up to the towering Hercules monument. Upon arrival at the Hercules monument ask a visitors guide for the schedule of the “Wasserspiele”. As the water starts flowing from the feet of Hercules travellers should begin their descent down the hill to catch the final spectacle at the castle as the water erupts from a fountain in a fantastic fashion.

    Classical Weimar
    Weimar is a must see destination for any traveller seeking an understanding of European culture during the eighteenth century. The Baroque style of the buildings and their age and history set the man made elements of this city apart from other European cities. Visitors to Weimar will see how Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived and where they worked on their world-famous writings. A must do experience is to explore Goethe’s Gardens and Garden House to see where he took time off from the city and his work to find new inspiration. A visit to one of the five palaces within Weimar is another must. Music lovers should put in a visit to Palace at Weimar to visit the site where Bach first performed some of his most famous masterpieces.

    Cologne Cathedral
    By attracting an average of 20,000 people a day, the Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s most visited landmark. Visitors will quickly understand the popularity of the site as soon as they stand in front of this enormous building and take in the beautiful spires. It took from 1248 to 1880 to finally complete the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe which stands at 157 metres tall. It’s worth visiting this site twice, once during the day and once at night. At night, the castle is illuminated in spotlights that highlight often-missed pieces of beauty of this site.


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