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    Hungarian holiday

    Hungarian holiday

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    Budapest, the city of healing waters, offers breathtaking experiences for the whole family, from underground caves to natural thermal baths. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or seeking relaxation, Budapest has unique experiences for everyone. To get the most from your Hungarian holiday, contact your personal travel manager.

    If you’re feeling adventurous you can take a tour of Budapest’s vast underground network, consisting of approximately 200 caves. Thermal waters flow beneath the Hungarian capital, forming labyrinthine caves that lay undiscovered until the 20th century. The two most visited caves are the Szemlohegyi Cave and the Palvolgyi Cave.

    The museum-esque Szemlohegyi Cave is artificially lit and benefits from disabled access. The Palvolgyi Cave offers two tours; a 45-minute meander along well lit footpaths and an adventurous crawling tour for intrepid explorers. You don’t need any prior caving experience to partake in the tours, which are led by professionals.

    Budapest is home to some of the world’s oldest Churches, including the medieval Matthias Church. Originally built in the early 11th century, the church houses an ecclesiastical art museum containing medieval stone carvings, sacred relics and a replica of the Hungarian royal crown. The extravagant interior has lavishly been covered in gold leaf, with high-reaching stained glass windows and a majestic vaulted ceiling. If you’re a fan of history or architecture, the Matthias Church shouldn’t be missed.

    Budapest is renowned for it’s thermal baths, which are said to have unique healing qualities, and offer the perfect way to relax after sightseeing. The baths are thought to be beneficial for degenerative joint disease, arthritis and post-accident rehabilitation.  Many of the thermal baths also offer massages, including underwater and aromatic.

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