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    Iconic Australian holiday spots

    Iconic Australian holiday spots

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    Australia is well known for its mesmerising travel destinations. From the beautiful beaches and mysterious mountain ranges to the radiant reefs and unique architecture, there is a destination for everyone. To find out which destination is perfect for you, contact your personal travel manager today.

    Northern Territory

    Located in the very centre of the Australian outback is the world’s largest rock, Uluru. Uluru or Ayers Rock is one of the most famous destinations in Australia. Located on sacred aboriginal land, tours around this famous landmark are held by aboriginal guides to give a detailed and traditional insight to its history and cultural relevance. Sunrise and sunset are not to be missed, with Uluru changing colour quite dramatically from blue, violet to a glowing red.

    Western Australia

    Across to Western Australia, The Pinnacles are limestone formations located in the Nambung National Park 162 km northwest of Perth. Due to the variants in soil, no two pinnacles are the same and are a delight for keen photographers. Much like Uluru, the best time to see the pinnacles are at either dawn or dusk.

    South Australia

    The Flinders Ranges in South Australia is a destination for travellers who enjoy the great outback. Covered with native flora and fauna, the land plays home to wild wedge-tailed eagles, emus, parrots and kangaroos. The range covers approximately 70% of South Australia and offers hidden waterholes, gorges, ancient Aboriginal sites and the early attempts of European settlements to go and explore.


    Melbourne is a diverse city with a variety of things to see and do. One of the most iconic landmarks is Federation Square, a popular meeting spot for both locals and tourist. Offering a unique mix of cultural value, museums, galleries and dining experiences, Federation Square also is the centre hub for Melbourne’s public activity, with guided tours and over 2000 annual events.

    New South Wales

    Renowned as a hot spot for tourists from all over the world, Sydney is considered an iconic destination on the world stage. With its mixture of both man-made and natural wonders, Sydney will have your full attention from the moment you arrive. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an icon in itself, located just a stone’s throw away from the Opera House. Bondi and Manly beaches are both very popular and a great location for tourists to observe their sandy beaches, lap up the waves and enjoy the bustling café and restaurant culture.


    The world’s largest coral reef habitat reaching over 2600 kilometres lives off the coast of Queensland stretching from Bramble Cay in the Torres Strait in the north to the passage between Lady Elliot Island and Fraser island in the South and goes by the name of The Great Barrier Reef. With its abundance of marine wildlife and array of colours, this natural wonder attracts visitors’ worldwide. Home to coral, tropical fish and sea mammal-like dugongs, dolphins and whales, The Great Barrier Reef allows visitors to interact in different ways including scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking and windsurfing.


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