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    The country of Jordan, traditionally known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is renowned for it’s ancient buildings, glorious deserts and city carved from sheer rock. Whether you’re looking for adventure, history or simply wanting to kick back and relax, the cities of Jordan have a variety of amazing new experiences. Contact your personal travel manager to plan your perfect trip.

    The city of Petra, dubbed as a wonder of the ancient world, is a unique Jordanian city sculpted into the rock face by the Nabataeans over 2000 years ago. Petra is famous for it’s ancient buildings, with some of it’s rock carved architecture dating back to 312 BC. By day Petra is jaw dropping, but by night, the sites are simply magnificent. Candle-lit tours are popular with tourists who follow a path lit by over 1800 candles through the Siq to Al Khazneh.

    Camels have been a symbol of wealth and survival for Jordanian tribes for thousands of years, so if it’s culture you’re after, hop on board!

    Tours can last up to four days, with overnight tours including sleeping in the desolate desert underneath the stars. Highlights include Wadi Rum, a valley cut into the sandstone in south Jordan. Humans have inhabited the gorge, known as The Valley of the Moon, since prehistoric times with some of the rocks engraving date from around 2 BC. The mountains of Wadi Rum reach 1,750 metres in elevation, but the steepness makes the trek to the summit challenging and more favorable for climbers.

     The Dead Sea is one of the most remarkable natural and spiritual landscapes in the world. The water contains the world’s richest source of natural salts and more than 35 minerals. The surrounding rocks are coated in layers of beautiful salt crystals, which sparkle in the sunshine, adding to the allurement of the landscape.

    The high level of salt in the water allows you to float with no effort at all, and many luxurious hotels in the area offer therapeutic clinics centered around the lake’s healing properties.


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