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    Lapping up Lisbon

    Lapping up Lisbon

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    The Portuguese capital city of Lisbon has experienced a renaissance in recent years. The seaside city has transitioned from one of relics and vistas to one with a buzzing nightlife and energetic culture. The history of Lisbon still exists and is proudly on display across the many sites and museums but the undertone of a party city is making itself heard. A personal travel manager can plan your trip to make sure you don’t miss a step in this lively city.

    Skyline at Sao Jorge Castle at sunset in Lisbon, Portugal


    While the nightlife is becoming the star attraction in Lisbon, there is plenty to see and do during the day. Start your day relaxing at one of the cafes in the Praco do Comercio. This neoclassical square is home to some of Lisbon’s top cafes and is a fantastic place to begin. After enjoying a hearty breakfast stroll up the hills to the various miradouros nestled at the tops of the hills. The miradouros are a range of pedestrian plazas that offer awe-inspiring views of the city and are a great spot to stop for lunch after a solid walk up the hills. After heading down from the hills we recommend visiting the Castelo de Sao Jorge. This 11th century fortress is a formidable site and has been refurbished and maintained throughout the years so tourists can still walk around the ancient relic.

    Old town skyline from across the Douro River in Porto, Portugal


    After a day of adventuring it’s time to prepare for the other side of Lisbon as the sun sets and the lights start twinkling. Starting your evening with a meal at one of the many traditional Portuguese restaurants and indulging in the acclaimed seafood of Portugal is highly recommended. After enjoying a delightful dinner it’s worth strolling along to the Bairro Alto Hotel. This bar is one of the best rooftop terrace bars in the city with sweeping views and a bountiful bar. Whilst bar hopping around Lisbon listen out for Fado, the local music played on street corners. The blues inspired tunes can be heard all throughout the city and helps create a real party atmosphere for nighttime patrons. Another must see bar on the path through Lisbon is the Chinese Pavillion Bar. This unassuming bar is full of remarkable relics including china dolls, giant ceramic frogs and military helmets. While taking in the oddities, black tied waiters take your cocktail order after you look through the comprehensive cocktail list.

    Lisbon, Portugal


    For those looking to kick on into the wee hours of the night there is a wealth of nightclubs throughout Lisbon sure to keep you entertained for hours! Find out more with your local personal travel manager who can help plan your next adventure.


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