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    Mid year retreats to recharge the batteries

    Mid year retreats to recharge the batteries

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    It doesn’t feel like long ago that we welcomed in the New Year, but sure enough the seasons are changing as we approach the middle of the year. As the days get colder and your to do list gets longer, the juggling act of balancing work and life becomes even more difficult to sustain, leaving you with little down time.

    Now is the perfect time to hit the pause button on life and let TravelManagers help you find the perfect retreat to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in preparation for the winter months ahead. Don’t despair, our personal travel managers have done all the hard work for you, and have compiled a list of their favourite wellness destinations.

    ONEWORLD Retreats, Bali

    For a spiritual holiday destination, you simply can’t look past Bali. Oneworld retreats are just one of the many popular destinations for those seeking some sanity. With a combination of yoga, meditation and spa treatments, this sanctuary offers something to suit everyone. Allow yourself to reconnect and calm your mind through meditation and yoga, and nourish your body inside as well as out with raw food as you learn about the health benefits of super foods. Located in the peaceful and tranquil jungle of Ubud, you will surely feel refreshed from the moment you arrive.

    W Retreat and Spa, Maldives

    For those seeking an experience a tad more exotic which includes lying on white sandy beaches sipping cocktails from a coconut, a retreat in the Maldives might just be your cup of tea! Swap the stress of the city for this tropical paradise located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. At the W Retreat and Spa you can enjoy sensational full body treatments while gazing out to sea as the ocean soothes your spirit. It really is the ultimate getaway for ocean lovers.

    Castel Monastero Resort and Spa, Italy

    The Castel Monastero was once a medieval village and monastery which has recently been restored into a retreat. Leave your work worries behind, spending your days in the Tuscan countryside exploring Chianti vineyards. To ensure guests experience maximum relaxation, treatment programs that focus on weight-loss, detox and re-energising are tailored to suit individual needs. The medical staff will even go as far as prescribing a diet, special herbal teas and massages, assisted by yoga lessons and breathing techniques to help encourage mindfulness.

    Gaia Retreat & Spa, Byron Bay

    Taking a break at a health and fitness resort is an excellent way to help you get on top of those fitness goals! Whether your intention is to lose weight, detox your body, de-stress or improve your fitness, Australia’s Byron Bay is a renowned wellness haven. These tailored holiday packages, such as those offered at the Gaia Retreat and Spa offer everything from wellness and naturopathic consultations, to live blood analysis, as well as daily yoga, Tai Chi and a fully equipped fitness centre.

    Consult your personal travel manager find one near you to plan your mid year retreat.


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