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    Oh my, Oman!

    Oh my, Oman!

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    Oman, officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab state situated on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.  The United Nations Development Programme labelled Oman as the most improved country of 2010, making it one of the most stable nations in the Arab world. Contact your personal travel manager to plan your Arabian adventure.

    Oman offers the traveller many activities to choose from, in the form of desert safaris, trekking, camel racing and whale watching. If you’re planning to relax and unwind in Oman, there are several scenic tours centred around the spectacular terrain and dolphin watching.

     Oman has a deep connection with the desert, with the majority of Omani culture originating from the arid landscape. Visitors can tour the magnificent deserts in a private 4×4 vehicle, a great way to see the desert with the family or group of friends. Tours last approximately nine hours and the more expensive include traditionally prepared meals. Tours take visitors through the breath-taking Hajar Mountains and into the town of Ibra, famous for its lush green oases and natural springs.

    The Omani trekking season falls between May and September, when the temperature is at its coolest. There are a variety of routes to choose from, differing in length and difficulty to accommodate different levels of trekking experience. Some routes weave through the mountain ranges, while others cross sections of the desert. Most treks span a couple of days and consequently include accommodation.

    If you’d prefer to take a more relaxing approach to Oman, why not try your hand at whale and dolphin watching? Several species of dolphin inhabit the Arabian Sea including the common, bottlenose and spinner. Dolphins are normally seen migrating in pods of hundreds, whereas in contrast, whales are generally spotted alone or in pairs. Humpback whales are commonly spotted off the Omani coast, but in recent years a few killer whale sightings have been reported. The best times of day to catch a glimpse of the beautiful marine mammals are at dawn and dusk, when they’re feeding and consequently most active. The whale and dolphin spotting tours are a wonderful, secure and relaxing way to enjoy the rarely visited Arabian Sea.


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