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    People Watching Around The World

    People Watching Around The World

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    Lets admit it; we love people watching. Observing people who have embraced an alien (to you) subculture and seeing the way they interact with each other, their clothing, listening to the way they speak…it is almost like the most honest form of reality TV.

    So, with that in mind, it’s time to reveal some of the best places in the world to see some of the most weird and wonderful people you’re ever likely to see. Speak to your personal travel manager about booking your next trip to one of these people watching destinations.


    Muscle Beach, Venice – California

    Picture the film “Gladiator”, but replace the leather loin cloths with brightly coloured lycra and spandex, and you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll see at Muscle Beach.

    For the regulars, their bodies have become the ultimate expression of their individuality, embracing “the bigger, the better” ethos. Deeply tanned skin stretched thin over impractically huge, inflated muscles is the norm as they pump, pose and preen for the benefit of their fellow bodybuilders and the assembled casual observers.

    Harajuku – Japan

    In direct opposition to the Japanese stereotype of being an exhaustively hard working, technologically driven, monocultural people, those who gather in Harajuku every Sunday display a sense of fashion that is as visually confronting and exciting as anything you’re ever likely to see.

    Rebelling against the traditional Japanese notions of beauty (black hair, pale skin) the “Harajuku girls” are known for their deep brown skin, big, brightly coloured hair and clothes that look like they’ve been lifted from sci-fi movies, comics and anime.

    Think Mad Max 2 or The Fifth Element mixed with Hello Kitty and you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

     Ipanema Beach – Brazil

    And now for the impossibly beautiful people, Ipanema Beach is often regarded as the sexiest beach on the planet and for good reason. The mix of sculpted, brown bodies (both male and female), combined with a commitment to wearing as little as possible provides a feast of fantastic (fat and flab free) flesh unchallenged anywhere in the world.

    This beach could not be more different to the typical Australian experience. Whereas Australian women head to the beach, casually and comfortably dressed, hair up and looking for a swim and a bit of fun, the local ladies of Ipanema will wear high heels and a full face of make-up to complement their swimwear, which generally consists of a few 50cent sized patches of material, barely held in place by a few shoe lace sized strings.

    Naturally, where there are women as scantily clad as here, men will follow, and while they may not quite be as over the top as the women, their utterly hairless, chiselled bodies provide plenty for the ladies (and some guys) to admire.

    So while it might not be kosher to admit it, people watching is undeniably enjoyable. Really, it’s one of the reasons we travel – to see and experience completely different people and cultures. And while these might not seem as exotic as visiting an Amazon tribe, they are often as interesting and foreign.


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