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    Perusing Peru

    Perusing Peru

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    This blog is courtesy of PromPeru

    Peru is renowned for its unique culture, outstanding gastronomic experiences, myriad of vibrant festivals, trendy neighbourhoods and mystical archaeology.

    With more events scheduled in the coming months, intrepid adventurers, hotel enthusiasts, culture buffs, foodies and beach lovers alike have much to discover.

    If a trip to Peru is hot on your travel list, get in touch with one of our personal travel managers to maximise the adventure and minimise the hassle.

    Lima is hot on the lips and hips of foodies

    Lima has secured the title as South America’s gastronomic capital. This city is on every foodie’s wish list and is home to award-winning chefs including Virgilio Martinez, who’s internationally acclaimed restaurant Central in Miraflores attracts food aficionados from all over the world. Martinez’s London based restaurant Lima has also recently become the first Peruvian restaurant to win a Michelin star. There is no shortage of delicious Peruvian cuisine to tuck into in this gastronomic hub.

    Barranco – Peru’s answer to Paris’ Montmartre

    Located in the southern part of the city and is considered the most romantic and bohemian area in Lima and is home to many musicians, artists, designers and photographers. Wandering through the streets of Barranco, travellers will find colourful art deco houses, a hip bar and restaurant scene and MATE, the only cultural institution in the world that permanently exhibits the work of the prominent Peruvian fashion photographer, Mario Testino.

    Peru’s undiscovered surf scene

    For an extreme coastal experience and to discover Peru’s surf scene, escape the city and head to Chicama. A renowned surfing town in northern Peru, many budding surfers flock to find the world’s longest left-hand wave. Chicama is a must for the intrepid Aussie surfer, where it’s estimated the waves peel for an incredible four kilometres.

    Peru is no stranger to a fiesta

    For travellers who like to shake their hips they have 6,800 Peruvian festivals to choose from. Peru has local street festivals like the Marinera Festival that takes place in Trujillo in late January, traditional festivals like Ayacucho for Semana Santa in April, gastronomic celebrations like La Vendimia in the wine region of Ica in March and week-long cultural carnivals like Qoyllur Rit’i or Snow Star Festival in the Sinakara Valley, Cusco. Each festival is alive with incredible Peruvian dancing, singing and eating – lots of eating.

    A top tip for any traveller heading to Peru in early 2015, be sure to visit Lima for Pisco Sour Day, held on the first Saturday of February. On this day only, the water in the fountain in Plaza Mayor is swapped out for Peru’s well-loved national drink, seeing 2000 litres of Pisco flow out over the course of the day.


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