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    Shedding Light On The Black Forest

    Shedding Light On The Black Forest

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    The stunning mountain ranges and towns of the Black Forest are some of Germany’s finest assets. Located in the Southwest of the nation and stretching north from Basel in Switzerland to Pforzheim, Germany’s Black Forest is home to some of Europe’s premier hiking trails. The Black Forest also houses a myriad of quaint archaic villages and is a region that can be visited year round with cultural sights and activities occurring throughout the calendar year. Based on your tastes and interests, your personal travel manager can help you plan the best time of year to visit this region.

    As a region famous for its natural beauty, the Black Forest boasts fantastic walking trails to suit all levels of fitness. The most renowned walk is the Westweg (West Trail), which runs the length of the forest from Pforzheim to Basel via Mummelsee, Hausach, Titisee and Feldberg. However, this walk isn’t for the faint hearted as it covers 280km and takes approximately a fortnight to complete. There are shorter day walks available as well as a collection of cycling paths and mountain biking courses.

    For the traveller who is less inclined to work up a sweat traversing the mountain ranges, there are hundreds of small towns to visit; each with its own unique characteristics and charm. The region is renowned for its clock making and many towns display remnants of this once booming trade that supported the region until the 18th century.

    Other cultural hotspots include Baden-Baden which houses the casino that inspired Dostoevsky’s ‘The Gambler’ as well as Maulbronn Abbey, a Unesco World Heritage Site just north of Pforzheim. Maulbronn Abbey began its life as a Cistercian centre in 1147 and is today a protestant monastery and a theological seminary housing the likes of renowned philosopher Hermann Hesse.

    While the Black Forest is a vast area that one can truly immerse themselves in, there are also options to see the area quicker. There are a number of driving options available that range from high-octane expressways to scenic tours that roll through the forests linking town to town.

    The Black Forest is also the scene of the infamous children’s story Hansel and Gretel. Many believe that the legend of the wicked witch in the ginger bread house was born from the Black Forest. The Brothers Grimm, who first recorded the fable, were both German academics and may have chosen the Black Forest as the perfect setting for the much loved tale. Thankfully for any Black Forest travellers it’s just a story…


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