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    Sleepless in Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle

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    Read on for the top five places to get your caffeine hit.

    Next time you make your way to the west coast of America, make sure to keep trekking north from Los Angeles. Trust us, there is life outside of Hollywood and more importantly, a great cup of ‘Joe’.

    It’s true that the rain does not cease to fall upon Seattle for at least two thirds of the year and that Starbucks lives on every street corner of the city; but there’s more to Seattle’s coffee culture than Starbucks alone.

    Here are a few spots worth trailing through the rain for:


    Espresso Vivace

    Now, there are a few locations, but the Alley 24 location is by far a local favorite spot. Their entire entrance is always lined with parked bikes because you’re in hippie central. Good luck getting past their baked goods and giant jars of biscuits while waiting in line. Order a latte to really see what they’re about though their ‘white velvet’ is a local ‘go to’. They really do consider every cup of coffee an art form so don’t be shy, snap a picture if you want because everyone has one on their instagram feed.

    Bauhaus Books and Coffee

    Nearly always busy and open till 1am, to cater the local cramming university student and the plaid-shirt creative on a tight deadline. The coffee is quick and smooth, without the unnecessary added fluff. With everyone busy trying to get work done; there isn’t much noise next to the sound of the coffee grind. The lighting is poor for a place where people come to work and study, but I guess that explains the dark-rimmed glasses everyone seems to be wearing. So, grab a pair from one of the vintage shops on the way here and fit in. Don’t say you didn’t get the memo.

    Café Fiore

    The name sounds feminine, but the overall feel of the place is dark with surprisingly rude baristas. Make sure not to stutter, just walk up like you own the place and order the Americano. It’s beyond exceptional and yes, it does make up for the occasional poor service. If you’re not an espresso drinker or are in the mood for something sweeter, go for the infamous Sevilla. It’s a mocha made with melted Dagoba chocolate and topped with orange zest. It is so good that locals say it cures their mid-winter blues.

    Victrola Coffee Roasters

    You’ll know you’ve reached the right place when you see the retro lite sign with vintage jazz music playing in the background. Much like jazz music, the baristas exuberate life and charm as they live out their passion for coffee.

    They pay a lot of attention to their coffee and often travel to participate in direct trade for their single origin beans. We wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re in a hurry. Take your time here, soak up the live jazz music, drink from a mug (not a paper cup), and before you know it, you’ll fit right in.

    Caffé Vita

    No mess, no frill. This place has been the training grounds for the best baristas in town and has all the machinery to serve your coffee in every way possible. From the French Press, Chemex, Vacuum Pot, Bialetti, Pour Over, and more. If you have a hard time grasping the terminologies, ask their friendly staff for assistance. Yet, if you’re more of a plain donut kind of person, get the French Press with the Caffe Del Sol blend. It’s their signature espresso that is just as great served to share between two. You’ll pick up aromas of dark chocolate, butterscotch, and praline with a lingering finish of a sweet caramel flavor from the amber crema.


    The coffee terminology is quite different if you’ve never ordered coffee outside of Australia, so we’ve summed up a few tips on how to order your coffee.


    Coffee Guideline – Australia to USA

    Short Black = Weak Americano

    Long Black = Americano

    Flat White = Latte

    Latte = Latte with extra foam

    Mocha = Mocha

    Cappuccino = Extra wet Cappuccino topped with cocoa powder

    Piccolo = Latte Macchiato

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