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    Soaking up south India

    Soaking up south India

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    Southern India offers a wealth of tranquil beaches and a peaceful but vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal holiday destination. Furthermore, the hot season runs from March to June, allowing you to extend your summer. To organise your holiday to South India, contact your personal travel manager.

    Shallow and translucent waters characterise the beaches of Kerala, providing the perfect conditions for snorkelling the spectacular coral reefs. The beaches of Kovalam are seldom busy and an oasis of peace, giving rise to the name ‘paradise of the south’. Many of the surrounding fishing villages house ancient temples, authentic ashrams and mouth-watering varieties of coconut beer, the traditional drink of Kerala.

    The best way to travel around Kerala is on a houseboat, covering distances up to 50km between Alappuzha and Kochi. The boats, based on the design of a traditional rice barge, can accommodate up to 16 people excluding the captain and cook. The price rarely changes whether a party of two or ten, making it a cost effective way to travel in a group. For the best deals, travel to the backwater towns of Kollam, Kochi and Alleppey and talk with the boat owners directly.

    Boat trips are an excellent way to explore the fishing villages of Kerala at your own pace, removing yourself from the hubbub that consumes India. Your captain will undoubtedly have invaluable local knowledge for navigating the inlets, allowing the cook to source the freshest and best local produce. Overnight journeys can be spiritual encounters as you float downstream under a blanket of stars past the occasional flamingo.

    Hampi is famous for its fascinating ancient ruins, some of which date back to the 7h century. The village, on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire for approximately 300 hundred years and is home to magnificent temples and mind-boggling statues, many of which have been carved from single boulders. City tours are the best way for the time poor to see the destroyed kingdom of Vijayanagar, with the majority demonstrating the maturity of the civilisation through architectural complexity. As well as being home to ancient ruins, Hampi is one of the few places inhabited by the shaggy sloth bear.

    Goa has been an iconic destination since the days of the hippie trail, thanks to its picturesque beaches and laidback lifestyle. Quick to cash in on the region’s link to the flower power movement, wooden shacks selling new age trinkets are permanently dotted along most Goan beaches. A larger selection, and usually cheaper thanks to increased competition, can be found at Anjuna’s bustling flea market every Wednesday.

    Anjuna is perhaps the most striking beach in India’s smallest state, with luscious green forests bordering palm-speckled beaches. A large portion of the beach is sheltered by a cove, protecting the section of coast from the sea breeze and making it relatively safe for swimming. The town of Anjuna contains the beautiful Portuguese styled Albuquerque and Mascarenhas mansions, left over from the colonial era. If you’re particularly interested in architecture, head to Margao, the cultural capital of Goa where the city hall and 17th century church are exquisite examples of European architecture.

    Baga Beach is Goa’s party beach, renowned for all day beach parties and top quality seafood. Baga is a popular destination for windsurfers, hosting the national competition every September, and wildlife enthusiasts who gather to witness the dolphin migration.

    Goa undoubtedly has a party reputation, but Agonda Beach seems to have been excluded. The coast around Agonda is amongst the cleanest in India and bordered by mountains to the south, making it ideal for meditation.


    From partying and fine-dining across to meditation and spiritual escape, Southern India offers a multitude of enriching experiences for any traveler, to find out more about Southern India and its traveling options, contact your local, personal travel manager-  http://www.travelmanagers.com.au/ptm-search/


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