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    Spectacular South Africa

    Spectacular South Africa

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    With a wealth of natural fauna and flora, gourmet cuisine and spectacular landscapes, South Africa has something for everybody. One of the best ways to explore South Africa is by road, allowing you to travel at your own speed and discover towns and landmarks that you may otherwise miss. Contact your personal travel manager to find the right driving route for you.

    The Garden Route is a scenic drive along South Africa’s east coast, taking a minimum of two but preferably more days to complete if you are to truly maximize this often spectacular experience.  From sea kayaking with dolphins to horse riding, the drive has something for everybody.  Breathtaking experiences along this route include the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation Centre or Knysna Elephant Park, where you can interact with the iconic animals of Africa.  If you’re looking for something more extreme, take a light aircraft flight over the Knysna forest and Plettenberg Bay, before skydiving over one of the most scenic drop zones in the world.

    South Africa’s most beautiful city Cape Town, and Cape Peninsula shouldn’t be missed. Cape Town’s close proximity to the national parks on the other side of Stellenbosch, makes it the perfect base for safari expeditions.

    Kruger National Park is the country’s most famous game reserve, stretching out over 2,000,000 hectares. Located near the border of Mozambique, Kruger National Park allows you to see Africa’s big five: elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards and buffalo all from the comfort of your own car.

    Winter is the ideal safari season as most vegetation is bare, making spotting wildlife easier. Limited resources also mean the animals go to greater lengths to find food and water, increasing the time they spend in the open. The downside to a winter safari is the drop in temperature, especially as most expeditions take place at dawn and dusk. Wearing numerous layers which can be shed throughout the day, can keep you cosy and help combat chilly mornings.

    Chapman’s Peak Drive runs through the western peaks of the Cape Peninsula, offering expansive 180-degree views of the magnificent mountains and coastline. The route has been hacked into the mountainside, and as result hugs the sheer mountain face. The 9km route has been dubbed a photographers dream and a paradise for motorists, hikers and rock climbers.


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