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    A few of the best drinking destinations around the world

    A few of the best drinking destinations around the world

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    If you enjoy a tipple or two while on holiday, you may like to consider visiting some of the best drinking destinations in the world when planning your next trip. Whether its wine, beer or spirits, why not speak to a personal travel manager can help to introduce you to destinations as famed for their sights, culture and landscapes as they are for their local beverages!


    If you are a wine fan, then Argentina is a must-go destination. South American wines are fast gaining a reputation for quality overseas, with Argentina being the world’s fifth largest producer of wines. The most popular Argentinian grape is Malbec grape and with only 6% of their wine exported to other countries, you’ll be sure to taste a unique drop, which you can’t find back home. If you are looking for something a little more authentic to Argentina, be sure to give Maté a go. This is a non-alcoholic, tea-like infusion that is made by pouring hot water over dried, yerba maté leaves. It’s a drink that is quite popular amongst the locals and enjoyed year round, between close friends and in social gatherings.


    While Mexico might be renowned for its beaches, margaritas and Coronas, the country also has a range of interesting beverages that are sure to leave your taste buds tingling. Rompope (rum-po-pe) is made from eggs, milk and vanilla flavouring, quite similar to eggnog, with the addition of rum, sugar and almonds. It’s traditionally enjoyed over Christmas or birthdays daily over ice or poured over berries as a dessert. 


    If you are a fan of spirits, you’ll no doubt enjoy vodka once in a while. In Poland, Krupnik is a popular sweet vodka made from a unique combination of clover honey and up to 50 different herbs. It’s best enjoyed as a wintertime warmer served with hot water, lemon and mulling spices. For a refreshing twist on your regular lager or wheat beer, why not try a Malina, which is a uniquely flavoured with raspberry juice. In the colder seasons hot beer with cloves, cinnamon and sweetened with honey is the drink of choice. Just always make sure you give a toast ‘to your health’ before you drink.

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