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    The best of Beijing

    The best of Beijing

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    With a deep history spanning over one thousand years, Beijing offers an array of activities ranging from the cultural to the historical. To help plan your itinerary to this fascinating city, contact your personal travel manager and allow yourself to get lost in Beijing.

    The Forbidden City

    Located in the center of Beijing, The Forbidden City served as a palace for the emperors of China for thousands of years. Built in 1420, the palace served as a fortress for 500 years. Guarded by a 52-meter wide and 6-meter deep moat and an 8-meter tall wall, the palace is a spectacle in itself.

    The Forbidden City is now an incredibly popular tourist destination engaging thousands of tourists annually. Even though parts of the palace aren’t accessible to the public, there are plenty of historic relics and stories to soak up.

    The Great Wall of China

    Just a short drive out of the main part of Beijing, is one of the most famous historical monuments in the world – The Great Wall of China.

    The wall is often described as a dragon, as it crawls up and down the mountains, creeping through the grasslands and winding through the desert. The wall was built to keep the Mongol nomads out of China during times of conflict. The wall attracts a countless amount of visitors, local and foreign, to absorb its culture and history through the various tours on offer.

    The Underground City

    The underground city of Beijing was created as a shelter for the five million citizens of Beijing, as a precaution against a nuclear attack in 1969. The design consists of a network of tunnels underneath Beijing, acting like a fully functioning city with schools, restaurants, theaters, factories, warehouses and a roller skating rink.

    Tours are now held though this fascinating piece of Beijing history. At an affordable entry price of $2.40 US, there is no reason not to experience this architectural wonder.

    Beijing Zoo

    As the oldest zoo in China, Beijing Zoo plays home to the largest variety of animals in the country. With almost a thousand different species of land and marine animals, there is something for everyone. The aquarium, which is considered to be part of the zoo, is also the largest in China. The daily dolphin and sea lion performances are spectacles well worth seeing.

    The Old Summer Palace

    Originally known as the Imperial Gardens, the Old Summer Palace acts as a garden enjoyed by visitors on a daily basis. The garden was constructed in the late 18th century, as the private garden to the Imperial City. Known for its wide variety of building architecture, art and fauna, it has been dubbed the ‘Garden of Gardens’. After being destroyed during the second opium war, the park was rebuilt in 1873.

    Start planning your Beijing visit today contact your local personal travel manager.


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