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    The Treasures of Vietnam

    The Treasures of Vietnam

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    The beautiful scenery, welcoming people, sublime cuisine and rich culture of Vietnam will awaken your senses and take you on a journey of discovery. From sailing aboard a traditional junk through stunning Halong Bay to soaking up the history of Ho Chi Minh City, these are five of the most unforgettable moments in any Vietnam holiday.

    1. Overnight cruise on Halong Bay

    Limestone pillars rise from the clear, calm waters of Halong Bay to create a scene that is so beautiful and other-worldly that you will think you’ve landed in a fantasy realm. A traditional-style junk provides a luxurious floating home away from home as you cruise through the bays and islets of this stunning region, visiting deserted beaches and quiet fishing villages along the way.

    2. Cultural encounters

    Lacquered wooden puppets appear to dance on the water as they relate stories from Vietnamese folklore: a traditional water puppet show is just one of many delightful slices of authentic Vietnamese culture you can enjoy during your time here. You can also take a thrilling cyclo tour through Hoi An’s Old City, watch a traditional costume play in Hue or enjoy the sedate pace of a horse and cart ride through a countryside filled with rice paddies.

    Hoi An, Vietnman

    3. Helping hands

    Whether you’re spending time with a Hoi-An based organisation which helps people with disabilities to live independent lives by teaching them valuable skills such as jewellery and pottery making, or dining in a Hanoi restaurant that seeks to end the cycle of poverty by providing at-risk youths with training in the hospitality industry, Vietnam provides plenty of enriching and enlightening encounters with its local people, as well as offering opportunities for you to help its most vulnerable people.

    Farmer’s Market, Vietnam

    4. Flavours to entice

    Traditional Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its use of fresh, healthy ingredients to create dishes that will make your taste buds zing – from fragrant, broth-filled bowls of Pho to the crispy, meat- and salad-filled baguettes known as Bahn Mi.  Whether you’re dining at a fine restaurant or sampling the delights of a popular street vendor, there’s a flavour-filled experience around every corner. There’s even a special treat for coffee lovers: a strong, drip-filtered brew that’s served with sweetened condensed milk.

    5. Moving war stories

    No visit to Vietnam is complete without a visit to the notorious tunnels of Cu Chi, just outside Ho Chi Minh City. Constructed during the French and American wars of the 20th century, this complex, 120-kilometre network of tunnels served as communication and supply routes for Viet Cong soldiers, and harrowing stories of life below the surface are enhanced by the opportunity to explore some of the tunnels in person. Above ground, you’ll also be shown some of the other defensive tools used, including bamboo traps and camouflaged pits – it’s a fascinating insight into a significant chapter of Vietnam’s history.


    Vietnam is a destination that is guaranteed to take your breath away – to start planning your Vietnam holiday, talk to your personal travel manager today.



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