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    3 of the Top Destinations for Empty Nesters

    3 of the Top Destinations for Empty Nesters

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    Whether you’ve been dreading it or counting down the days, the time eventually comes when your baby birds fly the coop. While you adjust to having less mouths to feed and less laundry to do (unless they still drop it off every week!), you should begin to relish in having more time for yourself and doing those things you’ve reserved for your bucket list.

    Welcome to the WAENs club – working age empty nesters! This is an extremely exciting time in your life and one that should be celebrated.

    Say no thank you to another day at Disney or to being stuck travelling only during school holidays. Now is the time to travel to places that can help you focus on a new hobby or forgotten passion, and spend time reconnecting with your partner in what may be your first romantic trip in years.

    If you’re looking to embark on a Golden Gap Year to commemorate your transition into the next stage of your life, here are some suggested destinations from our personal travel managers.


    Do you dream of days of sitting on a beach undisturbed, or fishing for hours without interruption? The Maldives, a small chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet. The Kuredu Island Resort and Spa is exclusively for adults and is located on gorgeous white-sand beaches.

    Start your day drinking coffee and looking out on the pristine turquoise waters. The view from any vantage point is spectacular, so there is no need to even move from your favourite spot on the sand. If you’re looking for a little more adventure you can go diving, snorkelling or island hopping by boat.

    For a good dose of culture, check out the many islands decorated with small colourful houses, home to warm, hospitable locals who love to share their culture.


    After years of adjusting your menu to please your young picky-eaters, this vacation could be your chance to visit one of the epicure centres of the world. It would be impossible to choose a bad location, but we would suggest Venice for a romantic stop on any Italian journey.

    Spend your mornings enjoying museums and soaking in the local art history. In the afternoons, savour all the best food you can find or test out every flavour of gelato. Put your feet up while enjoying a gondola ride along the Venice canal, or dance the night away at a Venetian masquerade ball.


    Travelling without children can open up the more adventurous holidays you’ve been prevented from going on until now. Booking a week-long safari in Tanzania with a local guide will give you the best chance of catching a glimpse of the ‘Big Five’ in their natural habitat. This trip will also enable you to learn about some of the country’s indigenous culture.

    An all-inclusive trip eliminates the stress of organising daily excursions or finding transportation. Head to South Africa and spend a few days stay in Kruger National Park, where you will likely see some of these animals roaming freely and you can even arrange a night safari. There is no shortage of activities in this wild location.

    Find a personal travel manager who can help you create your ultimate Golden Gap Year.


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