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    Top 7 eco holidays

    Top 7 eco holidays

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    1. Laos

    Laos is a beautiful part of South East Asia, still largely untouched by tourism, which is what makes it so special. Laos is home to 20 different national parks all waiting to be explored by bike, boat or even elephant. Many of its small towns like Luang-Prabang or Vang-Vieng are able to be explored by bicycle. Tourists are able to visit small villages such as Pakbeng, a town that has only just been introduced to electricity and hot water, allowing you to see how the locals live.

    2. Kaikoura, NZ

    Kaikoura in New Zealand was originally a whaling town, but is now a town that has a strong emphasis on conservation and preservation, putting its past of unsustainable fishing practices behind it by implementing a number of environmental initiatives. Kaikoura now offers many green activities to tourists, such as wilderness walks, tree planting, and tours that allow you to get up close and personal with the region’s sperm whales and the endangered dolphins, whilst escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, recharging your batteries and living at your own pace.

    3. Galapagos Islands

    The beautiful Galapagos Islands are located off the South American coast and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to many rare species of animals, including reptiles, birds and marine life. Eco tours are available to this region, yet there is a principle of minimal impact to the Galapagos’ ecosystems. Visitors on these tours are able to swim alongside penguins and hike to one of the region’s many volcanoes, some of which are still active today. The Galapagos Islands are a truly untouched part of the world, a truly unique place, and it is protected in such a way that it will be ecologically sustainable for years to come.

    4. Botswana

    Botswana is best known for its abundance of wildlife occupying the savannahs. A top destination for nature and wildlife lovers, Botswana is filled with a variety of different experiences from its southern deserts to the Okavango Delta in the north, which is filled with beautiful lush vegetation. Year by year, the number of eco-tourism groups visiting Botswana is growing, lured by the many national parks just waiting to be explored on foot or by boat. Botswana is home to the largest remaining population of African elephants, found in Chobe National Park, a great sight to see whilst on your eco-friendly African adventure.

    5. Scottish Highlands, Scotland

    The Scottish Highlands is nature in its purest form, with some of the most amazing views on this planet. Huntingtower Lodge is a modern B&B nestled into the highlands, just south of Fort William, which is known at as the ‘Outdoor Capital of the UK’, a great place to hike, relax and enjoy the highlands at your own pace. The Lodge sports magnificent views over the Loch towards the Ardgour Peninsula, and has previously been awarded gold in the Green Tourism Business Awards for the eco-friendly holiday atmosphere. The B&B has a solar thermal unit, and all food is prepared with organic products, and in a way that minimises waste, which is a great incentive for all eco-loving tourists!

    6. US Virgin Islands

    The US Virgin Islands is a beautiful place overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is an island paradise like no other, and home to the Maho Bay Camps, a series of eco-tent cottages made for families to enjoy the relaxing feel of an island getaway, in an environmentally friendly setting. The construction of the tents feature recycled milk jugs used for roof insulation, floorboards created from waste wood and floor tiles made from recycled tyre rubber. Enjoy the various water sports on offer or try scuba diving for the ultra-adventurous who are keen to explore the crystal clear surrounding waters. The Virgin Islands are a beautiful part of the world, which will remain so due to its ecologically sustainable surroundings.

    7. Los Cabos, Mexico

    Prana Del Mar retreat, located near the Baja Peninsula in Los Cabos, Mexico, is a unique holiday spot ideal for rest and relaxation. This Mexican destination is hidden in a tranquil valley surrounded by mountains and offers a variety of activities from whale watching to surfing, or if you’d prefer, it is the perfect place to just lie on the beach and take in the atmosphere. Prana Del Mar retreat is a place passionate about saving the environment and minimises its energy expenditure by using solar-generated electricity, recycled water and organic sheets and towels, and on top of all this, serves delicious organic cuisine for all to enjoy.

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