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    Top 7 sites on an Antarctic cruise

    Top 7 sites on an Antarctic cruise

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    1. Deception Island

    Deception Island is an island in South Shetland, north of the Antarctic Peninsula. The island is known for having one of the safest harbours in the area, as well as being home to an active volcano. Deception Island has a unique landscape consisting of volcanic slopes and glaciers layered with ash, a truly spectacular sight. The island is one of the most visited Antarctic Islands, offering visitors the chance to learn about volcanoes, geothermal activity and Antarctic exploration, and at the same time explore Whalers Bay, Pendulum Cove and Telefon Bay.

    2. Anvers Island

    The mountainous Anvers Island is the largest feature in the Palmer Archipelago. This makes for a great photograph for visitors, with the multiple mountain peaks, shrouded in fog, depicting the mystic mood of the Antarctic. Tourists love to visit Anvers Island as its sheltered coast is a great location to discover marine wildlife.

    3. King George Island

    King George Island is the largest of the South Shetland Islands, and is a favourite destination among many Antarctic cruise Adventures. The coastal regions of the island are home to a diverse selection of vegetation and animal life, including elephant and leopard seals, as well as the beautiful Gentoo penguins. Visitors to the island love to see the Arctowski lighthouse, the most southerly lighthouse in the world, which is located at the Arctowski Station on the King George Island.

    4. Antarctic Peninsula

    The Antarctic Peninsula is the north most tip of Antarctica, a destination that is frequented by an abundance of cruise ships year round. The Antarctic Peninsula is the only part of the continent which extends outside range of the Antarctic Circle. Tourism to this unique part of the world has been happening since the 1950’s, with more and more people beginning the voyage to see some of the rarest of the Antarctic’s Wildlife, as well as its beautiful mountainous coast and surrounding waters.

    5. Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islands are a great destination, home to the world’s largest black-browned albatross colonies. The Islands’ idyllic coastline is said to be reminiscent of 17th century-Britain. The Falkland Islands locals are friendly and welcoming to the point that they offer tourists the chance to visit their homes on the island, to see first-hand how they live and survive in the cold climate.

    6. Port Lockroy

    Port Lockroy is a natural harbour of the Antarctic Peninsula and has now been renovated into a museum and Post Office operated by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust, for tourists to come and enjoy. It was previously used as a whaling station, before becoming a research station until 1962. It is one of the most popular destinations in the region, containing all the historic information and monuments of Antarctica.

    7. Lemaire Channel

    This narrow passage is among the region’s most scenic, bordered by mountains and glaciers, offering tourists a stunning view. It is located between the Kiev Peninsula and Booth Island, and its protected waters are often as still as a lake. This is a rare occurrence in the region, due to the high amount of storms in the area. Nicknamed the ‘Kodak Gap’, the Lemaire Channel is a favourite photo spot for travellers, with its snow covered mountains, icebergs and glaciers making for a great picture.

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