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    Top places to take a digital detox

    Top places to take a digital detox

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    Do you check your emails and social media accounts first thing in the morning and before going to bed each night? Are you a serial “checker-in”? Do you go into panic mode when your digital device drops to less than 10% battery? If so, you may be in need of a digital detox.

    As many Australians struggle to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the tolls that come with living in a digital world, many are seeking an escape with tech-free breaks in popular demand. Alarmingly, “internet addiction” has now been recognised as a real problem and as we settle into the New Year, there’s no better time than now to recharge those batteries in preparation for the months ahead.

    Disconnect to reconnect – while quite a simple concept, can often be quite difficult to successfully implement on your own. Fortunately, in recent years there’s been a surge in hotels, resorts and retreats offering people tech-free havens coupled with spa treatments, freshly served produce and a range of fitness-based activities to help kick that digital habit. Here are our personal travel managers picks for some of the best places to take a digital detox.

    For tech-crunchers: Camp Grounded, USA

    Set amongst 2,000 acres of coastal redwoods on the Noyo River in California is a self-proclaimed summer camp for adults, a favourite among the Silicon Valley tech set of app and social media developers. Here the digital dependents leave work talk back in the office and hand over their computers and smart phones, trading these for pure unadulterated fun that includes games like capture the flag, rockwall, kickball, talent shows and campfire sing-alongs.

    For corporate high-flyers: Zambia

    If you’re in desperate need to switch off and create some headspace away from your job, then swap the boardroom for a tree house along Luangwa River when staying at the Chamilandu Bushcamp. Soak up the silence as you adapt to being out of range. Enjoy getting up close to African wildlife during walking safari trips, explore the surrounding bushland and enjoy going off the grid as you become one with nature.

    For social butterflies: Hunter Valley

    If the phrases #FOMO and #YOLO relate to your way of life, then fear not as award-winning Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa offers a number of programs that’ll keep you entertained. As you reconnect with your mind, body and soul, there will be little time to think about your iPhone as you spend your days partaking in Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, deep water running, workshops and yoga and mediation.

    For the health conscious: Canada

    If being a slave to technology is part of a larger problem, then work on your overall health and wellbeing at Echo Valley Ranch and Spa set in the semi-desert forests of Fraser Canyon. With no Wi-Fi access, no TVs, no phone reception nor alcohol allowed, you’ll have plenty of time to make the most of the Digital Detox Stress Relief program that comes complete with daily Thai yoga classes, three fresh farm meals, hikes and relaxation activities.

    Meet with your personal travel manager to plan your digital detox or find one near you.


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