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    Travel through Europe with a Eurail pass

    Travel through Europe with a Eurail pass

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    Have you ever dreamed of travelling through Europe or perhaps just your favourite European country? Here is a formidable opportunity to do just that at a very affordable price.

    The Eurail Global Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel through 24 European countries for 15 days to 3 months, while a One Country Pass allows you to travel through a European country of your choice, over a period of 3 to 10 days. It is an excellent way to travel without breaking the bank and is often more time effective than flying as you travel from city centre to city centre avoiding airport transfers and extensive security checks etc.

    How and where you choose to sleep during your trip is entirely up to you, though there are several accommodation options you may want to consider if you do not wish to empty your wallet. Staying at a hostel is cheap and the most popular way of accommodation as it is usually a lot less expensive than hotels. You can also choose to jump on a night train. They do charge an additional fee for a sleeper or couchette but it is usually cheaper than a hostel and a great way to maximise your time by travelling while you sleep. If you are travelling to the Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden or Finland, camping is an option as well.

    There are plenty of ways for you to save money while travelling as Eurail passes include access to a number of free and discounted European ferry routes and boats. Also many hostels offer a 10% discount for people with an Eurail Pass. If you are travelling to cities such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam, renting a bicycle is a very efficient way of getting around. It is also much cheaper than using public transport. In many of the big cities, you can buy a sightseeing pass that allows you free entrance to a wealth of tours and attractions. Buying a sightseeing pass is usually good value for money.

    If you do not wish to travel throughout Europe but have a dying wish to explore just one country, a One Country Pass might, where available be better suited for you. One of the most popular destinations is Italy. Read our blog post about top destinations in Italy, or top 10 things to do in Venice. If you’d like to explore the big cities of Europe, read our post of the top 7 cities in Europe.

    There are also a Regional Pass allowing you to combine two bordering countries and a Select Pass which enables you to combine up to five bordering countries. The options with their varied prices are extensive and its an experience we highly recommend and is not just for the budget traveller as they come with a choice of economy or first class travel!

    Contact your personal travel manager to discuss which Eurail Pass suits you best.


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