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    Trips for your 2016 bucket list

    Trips for your 2016 bucket list

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    Have you already seen the Taj Mahal, walked along the Great Wall of China, marvelled at the Colosseum, but still yearning for more? For many who’ve caught the travel bug, it can be challenging to quench the thirst for a new and even more remarkable destination.

    Our expert personal travel managers have searched far and wide and identified four places and experiences that all deserve a spot at the top of your bucket list in 2016.

    The Gibbon Experience, Laos

    Imagine gazing over a forest canopy from the world’s highest tree house, to glimpse rare wildlife mere metres from your window. That’s the Gibbon experience! Situated in the heart of Laos’ Nam Kan National Park, this remarkable holiday gives travellers the opportunity to get up close with these previously thought-to-be-extinct apes.

    For those a little more active, you can opt for the waterfall tour which includes a two to three hour trek each day through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole located within the Bokeo rainforest.

    Soul Searching: Bhutan Yoga Retreat

    Ideal for those wanting to plunge themselves entirely in another culture, Bhutan is the only country in the world to measure its progress by ‘gross national happiness’. Set high up in the Himalayas between Tibet and India, embark on a solo adventure or choose a guided experience that combines yoga, yogic meditation and immersive Bhutanese cultural. This, paired with the dramatic mountainous landscape creates a truly soul-satisfying experience for any traveller.

    The preserved city of Pompeii

    The ancient city of Pompeii has often been described as eye opening and thought provoking. In 79 AD this Italian city located near Naples was simultaneously destroyed and perfectly preserved by a volcanic eruption. Roads, houses, buildings and people were all frozen in time. The lack of exposure to moisture and air facilitated the preservation of human bodies, artifacts from the time and the infrastructure of the city, all of which have since been uncovered and appear like statues throughout the city.

    Approximately 2.5 million people travel to Pompeii each year, meaning there are a large number of tour options to choose from. A visit to Pompeii is said to be emotional and life changing, and is perfect for explorers looking to go back in time.

    Africa up close

    See African wildlife in their most natural of settings, watching millions of wildebeests, gazelles and zebras migrate through Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park – one of the world’s greatest wildlife reserves. For a safari like no other, try ‘glamping’ styled accommodation, hear tales from locals guides, watch predators in pursuit of their prey and enjoy cultural interactions with local Maasai communities.

    With so many amazing places to explore, speak to your personal travel manager or find one here to plan your next bucket list adventure.


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