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    Undiscovered Ibiza

    Undiscovered Ibiza

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    Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for being one of the premiere party destinations of the world. However, if nightclubs aren’t your scene, you may be pleasantly surprised to uncover the culture, expansive vistas and natural experiences this magical island has on offer.

    Take a look at the undiscovered side to Ibiza, as recommended by our personal travel managers.

    Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila)

    The cobblestoned streets of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s Old Town, are surrounded by 2,500 years of history, extraordinary views and local charm. Located in the upper part of the city, this UNESCO World Heritage site has a number of memorable sights such as the 14th century Ibiza Cathderal (Catedral de Eivissa). Wander the winding streets, stop for tapas and cocktails, or take in the panoramic views overlooking the island and Mediterranean Sea.

    Cala Conta Beach (Platja de Comte)

    Located in the northwest of Ibiza, Cala Conta beach is lined with white sand and crystal clear waters, and offers a very special sun set experience.

    Thousands of people line the beach and beachfront bars every night to watch the sun set. Just as the sun is about to disappear, the stretch of beach goes silent. As soon as the sun dips out of sight, the beach erupts and comes alive with excitement.

    Es Vedrà

    The coastline of Ibiza is dotted with bays, coves and steep rocks. Sitting two kilometers off Ibiza’s west coast is a particular standout, the mysterious Es Vedrà. The island stands approximately 400 metres tall and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Many myths surround the island, thanks to its standing as the third most magnetic place in the world behind the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle.

    Legend has it that the limestone island is the tip of the lost city of Atlantis and the birthplace of Hannibal, the conqueror.

    Ses Salines National Park

    Ses Salines National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site, stretching from the south of Ibiza to the island of Formentera. Inhabiting land and sea, the reserve provides a snapshot of the diverse ecosystems of the region.

    Get ready to enjoy rocky cliff faces, salt lakes, pine forests and hidden beaches. Much like most of Ibiza, the waters of Salines make for an excellent diving location due to its vibrant marine life.

    Benirrás Beach drummers

    Departing from San Miguel, after snaking through neighbouring valleys and hills, is the pebbly-sanded beach of Benirrás. A popular spot for anchoring yachts, snorkelers and sunbathers, Benirrás is the ideal place for a romantic sundowner. On Sundays, the beach comes to life as flocks of local drummers set the beat while the sun sets.

    The long-standing drumming ritual attracts large numbers of people to the beach, which looks out over the Cap Bernat (‘hand of God’) rock formation, making for a memorable way to experience Ibiza’s famous sunsets. Parking reaches capacity early on Sunday afternoons, so make sure you had out early to secure your place on the sand.

    Get in touch with your personal travel manager for your Ibiza getaway or find one through this link.


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