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    Winter Wonderland Experiences

    Winter Wonderland Experiences

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    Winter doesn’t have to be cold rain and dreary days, around the world there are picturesque winter wonderlands. From ice skating in Paris to dog sledding in Iceland or visiting the infamous Rockefeller Centre in New York City – there are activities around the world that are best done during the winter months. A personal travel manager can set you on your way to a one of a kind winter.

    Ice Skating in Paris

    With an exquisite backdrop of the Hotel de Ville, this iconic winter activity is sure to keep you warm hearted. With free admission and only €5 for skate hire it’s an affordable yet memorable winter experience. The rink is situated outside Paris’s exquisite administrative centre, the Hotel de Ville and also has a traditional ‘Santa’s Village’ and a snow park complete with sledding for the younger kids and cross country skiing for the more adventurous. Remember to bring your ID when visiting so you can rent a pair of ice skates and be sure to wear gloves when on the ice!

    Dog Sledding in Iceland

    For anyone with a taste for adventure, being able to sled across frozen lakes and soft powdery snow with a pack of beautiful huskies is certainly appealing. With an opportunity to mix adventure with sightseeing, dog sledding offers many different tours throughout the year, suitable for all ages and groups, allowing you to view the country in a different light each time. Many of the sledding options are located close to the capital city of Reykjavik, making accommodation easy to coordinate.

    Drinking Apple Cider at Banff Mountain, Virginia

    Being located in Banff National Park in Virginia requires a strong tolerance for the cold and a warming drink for the cold Virginian nights. Thankfully this region is renowned for its hot apple cider with the towns reputation dating back to the days of Thomas Jefferson. Travellers visiting the region can take guided tours with some of the cider brewers. One of the most historic breweries is the Albermarle Cider Works which has a long history in the town. Many of the local pubs and bars also have their own varieties and blends for punters to try. With your fingers curled around a hot mug, this wintery experience warms you from the inside out.


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