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    8 must-visit places in Samoa

    8 must-visit places in Samoa

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    This beautiful South Pacific destination has long been an irresistible lure to visitors: a real-life Treasure Island of incredible natural beauty, rich culture experiences, and memorable activities that range from restorative relaxation to adrenaline-fuelled adventure. From swimming in breath-taking natural swimming pools to lazing on pristine beaches, these are our top eight places to visit in Samoa:

    1. To Sua Ocean Trench, Upolu

    To Sua ocean trench - a famous swimming hole, Upolu - must-visit place in Samoa

    This stunning natural formation is essentially a large, deep, seawater swimming hole that is connected to the nearby ocean via an underwater cave. The pool is a haven of crystal-clear water surrounded by lush tropical forest, accessed by climbing down a ladder to small wooden platform. The azure waters are invitingly clear, making it a fantastic and unique location for swimming, snorkelling and snapping spectacular selfies.

    2. Lalomanu Beach, Upolu

    Lalomanu beach, must-visit Samoa

    In a country with no shortage of spectacular beaches, Lalomanu Beach is still renowned for its powdery white sand and incredibly clear waters that offer incredible conditions for snorkelling, kayaking or simply relaxing on the sand and soaking up the scenery. The beach is located roughly 1.5 hours’ drive from Samoa’s capital Apia, near the most easterly point on the island of Upolu, which means it’s worth getting up early to witness the spectacular sunrises.

    3. Papase’ea Sliding Rock, Upolu

    Samoa’s version of a waterpark, the Papase’ea Sliding Rock provides an adrenaline rush that is entirely natural. Carved naturally into the rocks by flowing water, these natural waterslides offer a unique escape from the tropical heat. Consisting of a single five-metre slide and several smaller options, all of which are fed by a freshwater stream, it’s fun for the whole family. Water levels can get a little low during Samoa’s dry season (May to November) so it’s best to visit outside of these months. The admission price is a donation to the local village, which means you enjoy a ridiculous amount of fun while helping the community.

    4. Piula Cave Pool, Upolu

    piula_cave_pool Samoa must-visit

    This serene, freshwater pool is one of Samoa’s hidden treasures, tucked away on Upolu’s north coast within the grounds of the Piula Theological College. Like many of Samoa’s incredible natural features, the pool was formed by ancient volcanic activity that created a network of lava tube caves filled with stalactite formations. The pool’s cool clear waters are home to a population of inquisitive fish, making it a fun and unusual location for snorkelling and swimming.

    5. Sopoaga Falls, Upolu

    Sopoaga falls amazing things to see in Samoa

    A short walk through lush tropical gardens will deliver you to a viewpoint on the rim of a secluded gorge, from which you can marvel at the impressive Sopoaga Falls which plummet 54 metres into a deep pool of clear, fresh water. They are just one of Samoa’s many, highly photogenic waterfalls, and their ease of accessibility mean it’s well worth taking a slight detour from the southern coastal road to see them.

    6. Samoan Cultural Village, Upolu

    samoan cultural village

    Whether it’s mingling in the markets of Apia, joining the congregation for Sunday service at a tiny white church or chatting with the locals at one of Samoa’s many beautiful beaches, your time in Samoa will be enhanced by learning about, and embracing, Fa’a Samoa (or ‘the Samoan way’). One of the best ways to immerse yourself in traditional Samoan culture is to visit the Samoan Cultural Village in Apia. You’ll learn about the ancient Polynesian practices of tatau (tattooing), siapo (cloth making) and carving, before taking part in an ‘ava (kava) ceremony and enjoying a cooked lunch straight from the umu (hot-stone earth oven).

    7. Alofaaga Blowholes, Savai’i

    Alofaaga blowhole, Samoa must-visit

    It’s not unusual for visitors to the Alofaaga Blowholes to experience a sense of déjà vu, having already seen this thrilling natural spectacle in action in the Disney movie, Moana. The blowholes shoot great plumes of seawater high in the air each time a wave crashes into the flat platform of lava rock, which was formed a result of ancient volcanic eruptions. It’s a thrilling display of Mother Nature’s power that is well worth a visit while exploring the south coast of Samoa’s largest island, Savai’i.

    8. Saleaula Lava Fields, Savai’i

    The lava fields are located on the north coast of Savai’i, and were formed by the eruption of Mt Matavanu in the early twentieth century which sent a torrent of molten lava flowing toward the sea. The lava buried the countryside up to 400 feet deep and destroyed a number of villages that lay in its path. Today, it’s a dramatic and eerie landscape that serves to remind visitors of the power of nature at its most impressive. One of the most iconic features of the lava field is the remains of a London Missionary Society church, along with the Virgin’s Grave which stands nearby, untouched by the flow of lava.


    Whether you’re seeking a relaxing beach break or authentic cultural experiences: Samoa has something to delight every type of holiday maker. It’s a slice of South Pacific heaven that merges pristine landscapes and vibrant Samoan culture, luxury resorts and rustic fales. If you’d like to experience the magic of Samoa, talk to your personal travel manager today.


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