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    Dear Croatia... #LettersToOurWorld

    Dear Croatia... #LettersToOurWorld

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    Dear Croatia,

    I’d heard so much about you before we had even met. You see, your reputation precedes you, though I must admit I was skeptical. Why are you so popular with so many ‘must-sees’?

    It’s your generosity.

    How could one small country offer so much natural beauty and so many ways to enjoy it? I drove your coastline, sailed your islands and floated in your sea. I walked your village streets, drove a buggy through your vineyards and climbed your stairs and hills to capture your views.

    All the time enjoying what seemed like an old world mixed with the indulgences of the new.

    You like to stir the senses. I’ll never forget listening to the sounds of the sea organ in Zadar or walking through Plitvice Lakes National Park, with the sounds and spectacle of the waterfalls spilling into the lakes, and the colour of the water that shifted from hues of blue to turquoise. I’d never seen anything like it. I took photo after photo so I could share your beauty, but my camera lens just couldn’t capture it all, and I suspect you preferred it that way.

    Sailing on your waters were the party boats, with the young ones asleep in their floaties bobbing in the sea, their ideal recovery from a night of your rakija shots. Then there were the active cruisers, those with their push bikes at the ready for when they dock. (I was floating somewhere between these two groups).

    As we wandered each island, from Brac to Mjlet I was captivated by your beautifully decorated doorways that hinted at the stories and history they protected.

    You welcomed me with open arms, the people who call you theirs are the friendliest I think I’ll ever meet. But you made me work for my cocktails and sunsets, climbing ladders to your roof bars at the top of fortresses and perched on the side of cliffs.

    So I get it now, you are serene, you are historic, you are adventurous, you are whatever we want you to be. You are unforgettable.

    I can’t wait until I’m adrift in the Adriatic with you again.

    Hvala. Do sljedećeg susreta.

    Dear Croatia #LettersToOurWorld | TravelManagers

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