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    Discover an alternate adventure with Silversea

    Discover an alternate adventure with Silversea

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    Sponsored by Silversea Cruises

    An expedition with Silversea is truly unique — thrilling, awe-inspiring and humbling all at the same time. It takes you to some of the most remote regions on the planet and shows them to you in raw, intimate beauty. It is for the curious traveller who longs to see penguins in the wild or the dramatic gorges, and limestone cliffs of the Kimberley. 

    No matter where you go with Silversea Expeditions, they offer the most complete and seamless experience. Years of partnership and development in local communities have allowed them to curate every aspect of the journey to the highest standards of luxury, from optimised international air schedules and private flights as needed to pre- and post-cruise hotel stays, transfers, and more… allowing you to arrive in your destination rested and ready to explore. 



    The Kimberley 

    The Kimberley’s vast stretches of wilderness beg to be discovered. With so much to explore across the entire area, a Kimberley expedition with Silversea features a host of activities, to get you up close and personal with the unique landscapes and incredible wildlife of the region – and each and every single one of these fascinating experiences is already included with your voyage. 

    Silversea’s broad range of unique tours and exceptional activities, explore the most remote corners of this spectacular region and its most iconic attractions, on land and at sea. These include the world-famous Montgomery Reef, Mitchell Falls, the Buccaneer Archipelago and the incredible and breathtaking rock art found along the walls of the area’s many caves, like the Wandjina and Bradshaw rock art paintings. Discover all of this and more in utmost comfort and wonder, as your local experts and trusted guides give you all the inside information on the area. 



    Few adventures are able to ignite the imagination as much as an expedition to the vast White Continent and the wildly remote islands that dot the Southern Ocean. This extreme wilderness enchants with majestic beauty. Explore the unspoiled shores of Antarctica and experience a breathtaking landscape packed with wildlife and adventure. 

    On a Silversea Antarctica expedition no two cruises are alike, and you’ll discover a changing untamed wilderness wherever you go. Join the ranks of the (very) well-travelled and sail the famed Drake Passage en route to this fascinating destination, or choose to skip the crossing and take a two-hour flight directly into the heart of Antarctica in Silversea’s hallmark ultra-luxury style. You’ll be moved by intimate encounters with wildlife while the sheer majesty of the landscape makes you feel like you’re travelling for the very first time. 



    A team of experts will help you discover and explore Antarctica’s hidden secrets. With a variety of experts, including biologists, ornithologists, geologists, historians and photographers. These uniquely experienced and talented experts will guide you every step of the way, taking the utmost care when travelling to this remote region, with clothes, equipment and procedures that ensure your impact on Antarctica’s delicate ecosystem is minimal to none. 

    By day you’ll be sipping champagne in the stunning scenery, whilst by night, you’ll be dining on caviar aboard an ultra-luxury small ship.



    Highly- skilled across a large variety of disciplines, Silversea’s curated selection of local experts and guides are tailored to each one of their fantastic itineraries so you get the most out of your exploration. Their Expedition Team includes renowned marine biologists, academics, historians, lecturers, ornithologists, explorers and other expedition leaders who are ready to enrich your knowledge – and your experience – both on shore and onboard. Simply pick and choose which Expedition activities pique your curiosity or experience as many as you can. The comfort and luxury of your suite, and the outstanding service onboard Silver Explorer this year or Silver Cloud in 2024, will all be waiting for when you return.

    Speak to your personal travel manager about planning your next adventure with Silversea Cruises.


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