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    What to expect on a Kimberley expedition cruise with Coral Expeditions

    What to expect on a Kimberley expedition cruise with Coral Expeditions

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    Sponsored by Coral Expeditions

    As the sun sets over the rugged Kimberley horizon, know that you’re part of a legacy of exploration that spans generations. Coral Expeditions offers an authentic Australian adventure unlike any other. 

    Exploring the Kimberley: Why Choose Coral Expeditions

    Coral Expeditions is not just a small ship cruise operator; they are pioneers, storytellers, and custodians of a legacy spanning 35 remarkable years of exploration in the Kimberley.

    A Legacy of Exploration

    For three decades, Coral Expeditions has led the way in Kimberley expedition cruising and forged an industry exploring one of the world’s great wilderness regions. The Australian owned and operated company’s roots run deep in this ancient land, and their commitment to sharing its wonders with fellow explorers remains unwavering. Respectful interpretation and responsible and safe operating practices are passed down through the crew and every trip completed builds on our exceptional knowledge bank of sites, charts and stories. The company builds its product and experience on helping guests understand the nature, history and heritage of the Kimberley so that it can continue to be respected and preserved.

    Exploring the Australian Way

    As an all-Australian owned and operated company, they take pride in showcasing the best of Australia’s natural beauty and warm hospitality. The purpose-built expedition vessels are proudly flagged with the Australian ensign, affording the flexibility to access remote sites inaccessible to foreign operators. This means more time spent immersed in the Kimberley’s breathtaking landscapes and less time traversing international waters. It also guarantees guests the highest levels of safety, compliance and respect.

    Expertise and Tradition

    At Coral Expeditions, exploration is more than just a journey; it’s a tradition. They are the largest trainers of Australian seafarers, nurturing the next generation of skilled seafarers to ensure the sustainability of the cruise industry on our home shores. Their experienced crew, comprised of knowledgeable experts from Australia and New Zealand, are passionate about sharing their insights and stories, enriching your Kimberley experience. When it comes to the level of connections and understanding of the places and people of these regions, their experience is unrivalled. They leave no stone unturned to create an enriching travel experience that will create unforgettable memories for guests.

    Built for Exploration

    Coral Expeditions’ fleet of 3 purpose-designed expedition vessels and unique Xplorer tenders ensures access to connect with the heart of the Kimberley. With shallow draft, high maneuverability and the unique tender vessels and hydraulic aft platform, guests can quickly and easily get off the ship to step ashore on remote beaches or cruise into marine sanctuaries and river systems. Small passenger numbers of no more than 120 guests ensure that they do not overwhelm the environment and that an intimate experience is provided to cultivate learning and connection.

    Embracing First Nations Culture

    Coral Expeditions commitment to responsible tourism extends to partnerships with local first nations communities. They work hand-in-hand with local leaders to foster sustainable tourism practices that respect and celebrate traditional custodianship of the land. Through cultural exchanges and immersive experiences, you’ll be invited to deepen your connection with the rich heritage of the Kimberley.

    Join Coral Expeditions and discover more together

    Ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime? Coral Expeditions Kimberley voyage beckons, promising awe-inspiring landscapes, unforgettable encounters, and moments of pure joy. With attractive savings of up to 30% on selected 2024 departure dates, there’s never been a better time to make your Kimberley dreams a reality.

    Ready to discover the Kimberley in all its untamed beauty, get in touch with your personal travel manager and tick off that Kimberley bucket list adventure today! 


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