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    5 Fabulous Mother-Daughter Holiday Ideas

    5 Fabulous Mother-Daughter Holiday Ideas

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    Family holidays are a wonderful thing – a chance to reconnect with each other, removed from the challenges and distractions of everyday life. We’re calling these our favourite mother-daughter holiday ideas, but we think you’ll agree they work just as well for every other variation of the family unit as well.

    Shopping Holiday

    If you’ve ever wished for a candid second opinion on a piece of clothing, this is a great way to receive it. Most familial relationships are accustomed to brutal honesty, so the classic “how do I look?” enquiry is almost guaranteed to elicit a frank response. And of course, a shopping trip is a fabulous excuse to have a bit of fun in a fashionable location, whether you’re trawling outlet malls in California or couture boutiques of Milan. Be sure to allow time for refuelling over long, lazy lunches – it’s important to keep those energy levels high.

    Spa Holiday

    Relax, unwind and reconnect while treating yourselves to a pampering holiday – there are plenty of amazing destination to choose from, catering to a variety of budgets. Book yourself a weekend break in Byron Bay or ten days at a Swiss spa resort, then get ready to feast on a range of pampering treatments.

    Beach Holiday

    Find a hammock that’s big enough for two and settle in to relax in companionable silence as you each work your way through a selection of holiday reading. A beach holiday can involve as much or as little activity as you fancy, and it can be a chance to bond while learning new skills – from scuba diving lessons to the best way to shuck a coconut. Long, lazy days will roll into balmy evenings as you work your way through the cocktail menu, returning home relaxed and carefree.

    Road Trip Holiday

    Whether it’s California’s Pacific Coast Highway or Victoria’s Great Ocean Road; South Africa’s Garden Route or New Zealand’s Southern Circuit, a road trip is an amazing way to literally leave your cares behind and set out on an adventure together. Think Thelma and Louise, without the crime spree and unfortunate ending. We think the best approach is to choose a destination or theme that excites you, and concoct a route that suits. Allow plenty of time for stops (both organised and spontaneous), choose a set of wheels that matches your needs and imagination, and download a nav system that allows you to bypass any navigational disputes so you can simply enjoy the journey and each other’s company.

    Food and Wine Holiday

    If you agree with George Bernard Shaw that “there is no love sincerer than the love of food,” and you cook like W C Fields, who once declared, “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food,” then a holiday together that places great food and wine firmly front and centre could be the one for you. Attend a weekend cooking school, explore a wine region, or combine your epicurean interests with an activity that allows you to feel you’ve truly earned that crème brulée, such as cycling, skiing or hiking.


    If you’re keen to change up the usual family holiday and enjoy some quality one-on-one time, why not talk to your personal travel manager today.



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