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    Glamping - tips to camping in style

    Glamping - tips to camping in style

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    In recent years glamping, short for ‘glamorous camping’, has skyrocketed in popularity. This trend has been driven by an increasing desire for travellers to seek natural and unique experiences without sacrificing comfort.

    A wealth of boutique glamping spots have sprung up across Australia in recent years, making for a great stop on a self-drive holiday. You can even ‘DIY glamp’ provided you know the tricks of the trade.

    To satisfy a yearning for both the great outdoors and the finer things in life, we’ve compiled tips from our network of personal travel managers to help you to glamp in style.

    Embrace the notion of a campervan

    A king bed, fully operational kitchen and a hot shower at the end of the day can make a world of difference to your camping trip. Not just for retirees or backpackers, campervans can be tailored to suit your individual needs, with luxury and budget options available.

    Comfort is key

    The quintessential symbol of relaxation is the humble hammock. Consider bringing along a basic hammock, which can easily be strung up between two trees providing hours of tranquility and ambience for your campsite. Other easy-to-pack luxuries include an outdoor area rug, full sized pillows and a blow-up mattress.

    Wine and dine your way to glamping heaven

    Baked beans and trail mix don’t have to be staples on your glamping diet. With a little preparation, fresh bread, cool drinks, crisp potatoes and even lasagna can be at your fingertips if you pack a two burner camping stove and 12V car fridge. Remember to pack your favourite bottle wine and some glasses, and you’ll be saying ‘cheers’ to the outdoors in no time.


    Sometimes the moonlight just doesn’t cut it. A spotlight is the practical option to keep you from walking into every object in your campsite at night, but why not try fairy lights instead? They look beautiful under the night sky and if you’re travelling with kids they’ll love them too. Just make sure you choose a campsite that has power outlets.

    Plan your entertainment

    You can only sing Kumbaya so many times around the campfire. Don’t forget your iPod and some portable speakers for some decent tunes. It’s also wise to pack some classic entertainment like cards, board games and that novel you’ve been trying to finish.

    A good night’s sleep

    The holy grail of camping is a good night’s sleep. If you’re not opting for a campervan, start with the basics such as a plush inflatable mattress and weather appropriate sleeping bag. Take your snoozing to the next level by packing your favourite sheets, blankets and pillows to make sleep time that little more pleasant.

    To plan you next glamping escape, contact your personal travel manager or find one here.


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