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    Luxurious airport lounges

    Luxurious airport lounges

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    For most of us, airport layovers can be a nightmare, offering no more than hundreds of people, over priced food and no power outlets. However, across the globe, there are many airport lounges that boast not only a private shower but also pampering spas, gourmet meals and chauffeur driven limousines straight to your gate. While some of them will require you to be eligible to access the lounge, a personal travel manager can help you spend your layover in luxury.

    Finnair Lounge, Helsinki Airport, Finland

    As any well-seasoned traveller would know, a free buffet is always a welcome sight when stuck in an airport. The Finnair Lounge also offers a luxury spa with Finnish saunas and showers, plus a high qualitywine cellar, plush chairs to relax in, and free access to the airport Wi-Fi.

    Etihad’s Diamond First Class Lounge, Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates

    Travelling with young children can sometimes be a stressful situation. The Diamond Lounge provides a personal qualified nanny service and playroom, while you are whisked away to the day spa or shower rooms. During your treatment, the personal attendants will also iron your clothes and polish your shoes while you relax with a Cuban cigar or a fine cognac.

    Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney International Airport, Australia

    If a little rest and relaxation before your flight sounds like heaven, head to the Qantas First Class Lounge for complimentary treatment in its unique day spa surrounded by a wall of plants. After the pampering, the lounge gives access to shower suites, a large library and a high quality concierge service taking you straight to your gate. You can also choose to dine in the lounge restaurant with the freshest produce and unique seasonal creations available for the discerning traveller.

    Lufthansa First Class Lounge

    Although many first class lounges may be exceptional, the Lufthansa Lounge takes it one step further with their own personal terminal. Valet parking is included, along with sleeping rooms, shower and bath facilities and a limousine to take you directly to your gate. There are also individual offices for you to work undisturbed. The dining experience only heightens your time within the lounge, with buffet and a-la-carte menus; however if you are pressed for time, experiencing the exciting front-of-house cooking is a must.

    Changi International Airport, Singapore

    This airport experience is slightly different to most as the entire airport is like a child’s playground. Across all terminals there are huge couches, televisions, a rooftop pool, touch screen tablets in the bathrooms and a four-storey amusement park slide with an equally as large movie theatre. Although this exceeds the wildest of expectations, the airport also offers intimate garden areas and peaceful napping lounges for the jet-lagged traveller.


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    Image courtesy of Tourism New Zealand.


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