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    New ways to travel

    New ways to travel

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    Many of today’s travellers prefer a more individual approach, looking for travel experiences that are unique, tailored and fit with their personal tastes and interests. The same destination can offer different holidays for different people: foodies might choose Bali for a three-day cooking course in Ubud; fitness fanatics would probably prefer a bootcamp week in Seminyak, while those in need of some quiet time might prefer a yoga retreat in Canggu.

    Of course, some destinations naturally lend themselves to a particular type of travel. For example, the Galapagos Islands are unlikely to appeal to those not interested in wildlife. But if you were, say, an iguana enthusiast, and you gallivanted off to the Galapagos for ten days, you’d probably find yourself surrounded by like-minded souls.

    Eco-tourism and voluntourism are two other relatively new travel niches that are becoming increasingly compelling reasons to travel. Instead being perched poolside at a luxury tropical resort for the duration of their stay, holiday makers might instead choose to spend a day helping to rebuild a cyclone-damaged school or digging a new cesspit for a local village.

    These holiday choices often stem from a strong desire to connect with the people we meet on our travels. If you’re in France as an example these travellers don’t just want to see a market from the window of the coach; they want to walk through that market, smell and taste and feel the produce, listen to the banter, and try out their rusty conversational French on the locals.

    Improvements in technology have helped to make us brave in trying new destinations and new experiences. With a few taps or clicks, we can view our Marrakesh hotel on Google Earth and see where it is in relation to the souk, learn about local delicacies, or educate ourselves as to local customs and protocols. We can even research the best way to befriend a camel before we embark on a desert sunset ride.

    With such a vast world of destinations and experiences at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever to have someone who can help put the jigsaw pieces together and arrange them into a holiday that ticks all of your boxes.

    Your personal travel manager has a wealth of experience and access to a network of colleagues who, between them, have probably experienced almost every type of holiday that you can dream up.


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