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    New Year in a new city

    New Year in a new city

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    New Years Eve is often a combination of elaborate plans and big expectations. Travellers to global cities like New York, London or Paris may be hanging out to see the traditional events like the Times Square ball drop, the London fireworks or the Parisian Eiffel Tower lightshow. While they’re all spectacles to behold, there are many other options to escape the thousands crowding the main events. A personal travel manager can give you tips to help you find the perfect spot for you to ring in the New Year.

    Times Square is often the first thing tourist’s think of when they hear New York City and New Years Eve in the same sentence. However being New York there are hundreds of parties simultaneously happening all over the city. The parties are so varied that they can appeal to many tastes – from the sophisticated evening to raucous partying. Tickets are usually required to enter many of the parties and although they generally vary in cost they do come with many perks. For a more relaxed atmosphere, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza and Bar offers patrons an open bar, assorted arrangement of pizza, and a relaxed friendly vibe – think pizza, beer, and a chilled happy New Year’s Eve. If you feel like something with a little more excitement then one of the many New York City nightclubs might be to your liking. Venues like the Culture Club, an 80s themed nightclub/bar, and Times Scare, a ‘haunted’ mansion, certainly create a unique and enjoyable night.

    For the younger traveller looking to ring in the New Year with a huge party, then Amsterdam could be the right destination. Renowned for it’s party lifestyle the city has a range of interesting and unique options for a big New Years Eve. The largest and most bizarre party in the city, rightly named Freaqshow, takes over the city’s Ziggo Dome for New Year’s Eve supplying an audio-visual performance for 17,000 people.  If that’s a little overwhelming, there are smaller and equally entertaining venues available. Club Lite is a barefoot venue offering a silent concert before a night of dancing. Another “interesting” option is nightclub Felix Meritis, which will take partying travellers back to pre-revolutionary Cuba with its heavily themed New Years party. Amsterdam isn’t the only city allowing guests to travel back in time. London’s secretive Candlelight Club pops up in a new, secret location each year. Lit only by candles, it takes partygoers back to the roaring twenties for a night.

    If a unique New Years is the objective then a trip to a lesser known destination might provide the answer. Abu Dhabi offers tourists the ability to go on an Emirates Adventures Desert Safari and includes a camel ride, quad biking, entry to a Bedouin camp, an open bar and a buffet. If the desert heat is too much to handle, there’s always the option of joining in on the popular Netherlands tradition of a polar bear plunge – a dive into freezing ocean waters to welcome in the New Year.


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